More than 12 million visitors discovered the “hidden heritage” proposed on 15 and 16 September 2012 by the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

With the 29th edition of the European Heritage Days, which took place everywhere
in France on September 15 and 16, the Ministry of Culture and
Communication invited the public to discover the unknown parts of the history of
France, details hidden from view, places kept secret, etc., hidden behind
the facades of some 16,000 sites and monuments open to visitors.

Successful bet: the public has again massively responded to this invitation: it was
many to go «home», to places of Republican power and places, to
open the doors of monuments that participated for the first time in these Days,
to see in a new way these heritage sites that offer for this occasion
specific activities and visits.

The European Heritage Days thus crystallize during two days the attachment
from the French to culture, architectural masterpieces, places of
memories, strengthening the bond that unites them to the indelible traces of a common past,
and underline their attachment to these collective treasures, shaped and preserved by the
past generations.

The Minister of Culture and Communication, Aurélie Filippetti, considers heritage
as a priority axis of its policy, as it has had the opportunity to affirm
14 September, in Metz. As such, it considers that access to works, heritage,
is one of the cornerstones of the cultural policy conducted in France.

Heritage is an anchor in that it brings us all together around
of a cultural base, but also of values of sharing and brotherhood that are the foundation of all
the latter. Formidable reservoir of wealth, place of sharing of the common good,
heritage is also an extraordinary lever for development
economic and employment, which the Minister intends to develop further, jointly
with all local actors.

The Minister welcomes the commitment of all the actors of the heritage, the owners
public and private, associations, local and regional authorities participating in the
success of this great event.

She warmly thanks the private and media partners: the French Federation
Michelin Group, RATP, France Télévisions, Radio France, the
daily Metro and Art&décoration magazine for their support of this 29th edition
European Heritage Days.

The Minister invites the French on 14 and 15 September 2013 for the
30th European Heritage Days, which will focus on:
1913-2013, 100 years of protection.