On the proposal of Aurélie Filippetti, the President of the Republic appointed Michel Orier Director General of Artistic Creation during the Council of Ministers on 22 August 2012.

Michel Orier was previously a member of Catherine Tasca’s cabinet at the Ministry of Culture and Communication and then director of MC2, the Grenoble House of Culture. Aurélie Filippetti chose a cultural professional to implement the policy of the Ministry of Culture and Communication for theatre, music, dance and all the disciplines of performing arts and visual arts.

Michel Orier succeeds Georges-François Hirsch.

Aurélie Filippetti wishes to salute the action of Georges-François Hirsch, great servant of the State and of culture, at the head of the direction of music, dance, theatre and shows, where he was called in 2008, then of the general direction of artistic creation, which he was responsible for setting up in 2010.

Georges-François Hirsch will continue to serve the world of culture in new missions.