Rima Abdul Malak, Minister of Culture, in full agreement with Thierry Repentin, Mayor of Chambéry, Philippe Gamen, President of Grand Chambéry, Hervé Gaymard, President of the Departmental Council of Savoie, Laurent Wauquiez, President of the Regional Council of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Serge Fitoussi, president of the association, gives its approval to the appointment of Frédérique Payn to the management of Malraux, national stage Chambéry Savoie, on the unanimous proposal of the jury meeting on March 2, 2023.

Producer and consultant for projects and companies throughout the field of live performance, Frédérique Payn was assistant director in charge of productions and programming at the Centre dramatique national Théâtre de Lorient from 2016 to 2021. She was interim director of the Office national de diffusion artistique (ONDA) during the period of change of direction from March to July 2022.

Frédérique Payn proposes a project that is part of the evolution initiated by Marie-Pia Bureau for Malraux, national stage. Entitled “Tomorrow with…” , it is built on three transversal values: generosity towards artists, audiences and partners, openness to both the territory and the rest of the world, and attention to youth and ultra-marine territories.

The permanent presence of artists from all disciplines, chosen in particular for their commitment to cultural democratization and mediation, will irrigate all dimensions of the project, according to collective and themed collaborations: «listen, live music and sound arts» with Noémie Boutin, Anne-Julie Rollet and Anne-Laure Pigache des Harmoniques du néon, Léo Margue and Timothée Quost; «movement, body and matter» with Nathalie Béasse and Métilde Weyergans and Samuel Hercule from La Cordonnerie, and «tales and territories» with Véronique Kanor and Antoine Cegarra.

A multidisciplinary festival on adolescence, designed by and for teenagers, will be created to invite young generations to invest the spaces of the national scene, to imagine and dream tomorrow, to forge an autonomous practice of expression, and cultural discoveries outside of the school setting.

The programming, closely associating the artists and built in a partnership and decentralized way, will promote itinerant forms, in particular with the Dome in Albertville, as well as the communities of communes and small villages of rural and mountainous areas, over the entire departmental territory. The Base, third-place within the national scene, will be fully associated with the activities of Malraux, for a fruitful symbiosis, an artistic presence as much as a citizen multiplied.

Finally, Frédérique Payn’s project is designed to be eco-responsible, committing itself to slowing down the production rhythms of works, but also to active cooperation to extend the touring of shows.

Frédérique Payn succeeds Marie-Pia Bureau, whose minister would like to commend the innovative and unique project deployed for Malraux, the national stage. The Minister thanked Vincent Schmitt for his leadership role since September 2022.