To support incubators and press companies wishing to create or develop incubation programmes dedicated to "start-ups" (emerging media and media solution providers), the Ministry of Culture grants them a grant to implement these programs.

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What is support for press and media incubation programmes?

As part of the reform of press subsidies and in order to encourage innovation in the press sector, the Support Fund for Emergence and Innovation in the Press, created by the Decree no. 2016-1161 of 26 August 2016, launches a call for projects. The purpose of this call is to the creation or development of incubation programmes for young news media or their solution providers.

An incubation programme is defined as an accompanying programme which, by providing enterprises with the skills and tools necessary for their good start-up and development, aims to make their project structured and viable.

In addition, links with research, teaching (journalism, computer development, graphic design, business, etc.), existing international groups and local public or private actors will be enhanced.

For more information, we invite you to consult the specifications below:

Cahier des charges Incubateurs 2023.docx

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Objectives of the approach

The objective is to set up sustainable innovation clusters dedicated to "start-ups" (suppliers of solutions dedicated to media and/or emerging media). Incubation programmes are designed to:

  • Streamline collaborations between press companies and “start-ups” or streamline collaborations between publishers and suppliers of dedicated solutions;
  • Break the isolation of the entrepreneur by allowing him to exchange daily with his peers;
  • Facilitate the launch of collective projects;
  • Provide emerging companies with shared administrative, legal, social, financial and accounting services;
  • Give them access to acceleration programmes, thematic workshops, networks of experts and tutors;
  • Strengthen the attractiveness of press entrepreneurship, and more broadly of the media, which implies the promotion of a dynamic environment.

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Examples of projects previously supported

A question?

If you have any questions about support for media and press incubation programs, please contact the Media and Cultural Industries Branch (CMIB):

Office for the Economic Regime of the Press
Media Emergence and Innovation Support Fund
01 40 15 78 89
182 Rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris

The submission for the year 2023 is now complete.