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As part of the implementation of the Franco-Quebec strategy for the online discoverability of Francophone cultural content, the Ministry of French Culture (DGMIC) and the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec join forces and launch a double call for applications.

This call for applications aims to fund projects whose objective is to strengthen the digital discoverability of francophone cultural content.

What is digital discoverability?

Discoverability of content in the digital environment refers to:

  • Its online availability
  • Its ability to be spotted among a vast array of other content without the specific search for that content.

The notion of discoverability is essential in a digital ecosystem characterized by the hyper-abundance of supply, the concentration of distribution on a few large platforms and the role of recommendation mechanisms in access to cultural content.

Objectives of the approach

The call for applications "Support for the discoverability of Francophone cultural content" has two main objectives:

  • Promoting the diversity of cultural content
  • The sovereignty of francophone cultural actors, through the promotion of French or Quebec cultural content and the use of technologies developed within the francophone sphere

Call for Nominations Streams

The call for applications is divided into two distinct streams:

  • Strand A: Development of digital initiatives for content discoverability (technological solutions, prototyping or deployment, data management tools, adaptation of technological components, etc.)
  • Component B: Development of research projects related to discoverability (analysis of platform strategies to meet the needs of audiences, development of new discoverability measurement methods, etc.)

It is intended for structures installed in France or Quebec.

For French projects, the scope of the sectors selected includes audiovisual, cinema, live entertainment in all its disciplines, music in all its components (including instrumental design), museums and heritage (including archival heritage), visual arts, design, architecture, crafts, video games, books, the press. The related communication and fashion sectors may also be eligible for the creative component of their activity.

For structures installed in Quebec, carriers must ensure that they meet the criteria and procedures defined by the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications in the dedicated specifications available on the next page.

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A question?

For any questions about how to submit your application, you are invited to contact the Delegation for Cultural Enterprises by email: or by phone at 01 40 15 37 77.

The submission for 2022 is complete. 


The results of the 2022 call for projects are available below:

Lauréats découvrabilité.pdf

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