Within the framework of policies for the democratization of culture and the development of the public, youth training and policies for arts and cultural education and media and information education, The Normandy Regional Cultural Affairs Directorate and its partners are launching this call for projects.

Presentation of the device

What is the residence of journalists in school in Normandy?

Within the framework of the national plan for arts and cultural education and policies of democratization of access to culture, development and training of the public, the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Normandy, the Rectorate of the Academy of Normandy, the Directorates of the Departmental Services of National Education, and the Regional Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Forest of Normandy, in partnership with the Departments launch a call for projects for the establishment of twinning-residences of journalists in schools, schools, higher education or training bodies, acting on school time.

It offers to all schools/schools of the academy of Normandy as well as to institutions of higher education and other institutions (CFA, ...), the possibility to host journalists in residence over a school year and to initiate media and information education activities radiating over the school year and a wider educational community.

Objectives of the approach

The call for projects Twinning-residencies of journalists in Normandy aims to:

  • Host one or more journalists in residence in schools/schools
  • Foster meeting with professional journalists and diverse media practices
  • Enable an understanding of the information factory and help in its decryption
  • Discover the profession of journalism and its current challenges
  • Support the development of a practice and an informed reception of the various media
  • Raising awareness of freedom of expression and encouraging youth participation in democratic debate

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If you have any questions about student residencies in Normandy, please contact:

Direction régionale des affaires culturelles (DRAC) Normandie
Cultural and territorial action pole
02 32 10 71 00/ 07 60 55 12 18
13 bis rue Saint-Ouen, 14052 Caen Cedex 4

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