Since 2018, the Ministry of Culture has been supporting fashion companies (young fashion brands and craft fashion companies: manufacturers, subcontractors) to help them with their digital transformation and support them in sustainable fashion.

Presentation of the device

What is the Mode call for projects?

Public policy in favour of fashion is based on support for the creation, research and support of certain major events aimed at promoting fashion.

The Ministry of Culture has been implementing a public policy in favour of fashion for many years and for this it is putting in place a support mechanism called «Call for Projects Mode» giving access to an investment grant and the right to a mentoring.

A call for projects works like a competition to which you register via an online platform. A form must be completed and an attachment must be filed. The application, if it is complete and meets the eligibility requirements, is examined by a jury whose mission is to rate and therefore to choose the winners of the year.

The grant is awarded only to accompany a business project concerning digital transformation and any project that promotes sustainable fashion.

For the 6th year, the Ministry of Culture is committed to companies that contribute to the influence of French fashion through their creative strength but also their commitments.

Objective of the approach

This call for projects was created to support fashion companies and crafts of fashion in the economic and creative development of their company, through the activation of investment levers in digital and ethical projects.

Through this call for projects, the ministry is seeking to:

  • Support creation for young brands/companies and for so-called heritage/heritage brands/companies;
  • Promote the sectors/branches of fashion and the crafts of fashion;
  • Support brands/companies that embody the image of French fashion;
  • Promote new models in particular eco-responsible;
  • Encourage relocation to France/Europe;
  • To spread our know-how.

Am I concerned by this approach?

Please read the 2023 regulation of the call for projects below:

Règlement_AAP Mode 2023.pdf

pdf - 738 Ko


Project(s) previously supported

  • Purchase of a more efficient machine to cope with increased activity
  • Implementation of digital and digital actions (photo shoots, improvement of the customer experience on the site, digital marketing campaign...) for the development of brand awareness.

A question?

For any questions about terms of deposit You are invited to contact:

Creative Arts Branch (BOD)
Visual Arts Delegation, Creative Industries Office
06 17 98 07 49
62 Rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris


The submission for the year 2023 has been completed.