The national aid of the Ministry of Culture concerns projects for the creation of living performance fields, all disciplines combined, taking into account the public space. Applications may be submitted by professional creative structures, including street arts companies, as well as delegated producers.

Presentation of the device

What is national creative support for the street arts?

National creative support for the street arts is for performing arts projects in all disciplines that take into account public space. The applications are submitted by professional creative structures in search of an additional grant for the production of large-scale shows and as part of a desire to renew the writing and aesthetics, in addition to the various Deconcentrated Aids to the Live Show awarded in DRAC. Applications for assistance are submitted to the Regional Cultural Affairs Directorate (RDCA), whose head office of the applicant structure reports to.

Objectives of the approach

The street arts are today a dynamic sector at the crossroads of artistic, political and societal issues. First invested in the creation of shows specifically dedicated to public space broadcasting, Many actors in this sector also establish close relations with the inhabitants and local authorities and engage in the territories of the priority geography of the city policy or in rural areas. They show a real capacity to invest through artistic acts spaces not initially dedicated to art.

Support for the implementation of projects in the field of street arts is one of the essential segments of the Ministry of Culture’s policy in favour of contemporary creation in the performing arts. The objectives of this system are to:

  • support the emergence of new writings and original approaches taking into account the public space
  • support large-scale and ambitious artistic projects in their production modalities
  • strengthen the means of production of independent companies and support their economic balance

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