The distribution of written press to subscribers can be done either by La Poste – or the postal operator concerned in the overseas communities – or by portage networks. The Ministry of Culture supports, through a grant, this distribution as part of its contribution to the information of citizens and the dissemination of currents of thought and opinions.

Presentation of the device

What is copy assistance for press titles posted or worn?

The copying aid for press titles posted or worn is intended to support the distribution of printed press to its subscribers. It provides greater visibility to the entire sector. It was established by the Decree no. 2023-132 of 24 February 2023, which repeals the press portage fund and replaces: 

  • the "targeted" postal rates provided for in the postal and electronic communications code
  • the assistance provided under the Press Portage Fund. 

The copy aid for press titles posted or worn benefits the press publishers. It is divided into two sections:

First section: press releases posted

The press titles posted are press publications whose distribution is carried out by the postal operator in charge of the public transport service and press distribution mission, meeting the criteria laid down by the Articles D. 18 to D. 28 of the Post and Electronic Communications Code

The copy aid for published press titles is allocated individually to the press publishers who request it.

Second section: press headlines

Porting is the mode of distribution of the press consisting in delivering copies of each issue of a publication by any means other than that of the public service for the transport and distribution of the press and the universal postal service carried out by the postal operator. Copies of a publication are delivered to the home of the purchaser who has subscribed to a paid subscription, whether it is individual, collected or collective. A subscription collected is an individual subscription subscribed and paid by the recipient, through a collector.

The porting activity can be performed by the press editor on its own behalf or by a porting network on behalf of third parties. A porting network is a legal person governed by private law whose activity consists in organizing, on behalf of one or more press publishers, the porting of publications.

The aid per copy for worn press titles is allocated individually and annually to the press publishers who request it.

Objectives of the approach

The copy aid for press titles posted or worn is intended to support more consistent press dissemination between means of distribution and more readable and predictable for press publishers.

This aid is also intended to promote an optimal distribution of press distribution to subscribers by La Poste and the various portage networks.

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A question?

If you have any questions about how to help print worn or mailed press titles, please contact:

Media and Cultural Industries Branch (CMIB)
Bureau du régime économique de la presse et des métiers de l'information
182 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris

For help with the copy of the press titles posted:
01 40 15 89 68
For assistance in the copy of press titles:
01 40 15 86 20