Distribution of print media to subscribers can be carried out by La Poste or by portage networks. This activity must be able to rely on open porting networks that fully and loyally participate in a regulated activity of general interest. Portage networks are therefore invited to sign an agreement with the State. The Ministry of Culture may, under certain conditions, grant them temporary financial assistance, subject to its authorization by the European Commission.

Presentation of the device

What is a port network?

One porting network is a legal person under private law whose activity consists in organizing, on behalf of one or more press publishers, the activity of carrying publications to the buyer’s home. Thus, publications are sent to the buyer’s home not by post, but by independent sellers-peddlers or press holders employed by the networks.

Like La Poste, the portage networks participate in the general interest mission of distributing the press.

Setting up of the system (signing of agreements and temporary aid to networks subject to its authorisation by the European Commission)

The performance of this mission of general interest by the portage networks justifies regulating their activities by signing agreements.

The State and professional organizations have agreed on the means to be put in place to ensure this regulation of portage activity. The networks are therefore invited to sign a convention with the State in order to ensure that they are open to all publications that request it, without discrimination.

Only copies carried by a network which has signed such an agreement may be eligible for copy aid for press titles worn.

In addition, signatory networks may also apply for temporary assistance to portage networks, implemented for the years 2023 and 2024 alone and only if this device has been authorised by the European Commission.


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A question?

If you have any questions about the agreement between the port networks and the State, as well as temporary assistance to the port networks, please contact:

Media and Cultural Industries Branch (CMIB)
Office for the Economic Regime of the Press
01 40 15 86 20
182 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris