The experimentation of Creative Cultural Districts supports cooperation between cultural actors as well as the revitalization, renewal and promotion of territories through culture. The Ministry of Culture supports third-cultural places engaged in projects to support the entrepreneurial dimension of the residents and to promote the cultural offer by granting them a grant.

Presentation of the device

What is a Creative Cultural District?

The identification of creative cultural neighbourhoods will be defined by the cumulative practice of the following three activities:

  • support dedicated to the structuring of companies or activities of cultural actors (entrepreneurs, artisans, self-employed and artists) by activities such as business incubator, incubator, accelerator, business hotel and/or coworking space;
  • support for the establishment or development of independent cultural businesses sustainable or ephemeral through support measures for these businesses or the facilitation of the local network of cultural businesses around events or communication operations, the pooling of management tools, communication or financing, etc.;
  • the reception of the public and the development of the attendance of the place, around temporary exhibitions, cultural events (literary meetings, artistic performances, etc.), the contribution to the ecosystem of initial and continuing training (art schools, specialized and higher education, training centres, trades and qualifications campuses).

In land use planning, QCC can take the form of:

  • of a third-place housing various components, including spaces dedicated to entrepreneurship and cultural businesses, grouped together within the same infrastructure. The term “neighbourhood” must then be taken as a metonymy of a larger space, however recreating the spirit of linking different structures
  • of a network of cultural shops and entrepreneurial support structures grouped in the adjacent streets of a third-place, which functions as the point of articulation of these different spaces.

Objectives of the approach

The implementation of Creative Cultural Neighbourhoods (QCC) aims to:

  • support the entrepreneurial dimension of residents QCC by allowing the professionalization of the actors and the structuring of their company or activity;
  • promote the cultural offer promoting the development of permanent or ephemeral cultural businesses (bookshops, record stores, press houses, art galleries, designer boutiques: fashion, design, crafts) in or near the third-place.


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The “Creative Cultural Neighbourhoods” call for projects launched in April 2021 is an experimental scheme that benefits from €3 million over two years from the Recovery Plan. The first two rounds of calls for applications (June and October 2021) were a resounding success, with nearly 130 high-quality candidate projects. In order to support without delay initiatives that fully meet the objectives of this mechanism, and to support field actors as quickly as possible with a view to economic recovery, and at the end of a selection process, it was decided to support 23 winners in 2021 for a total amount of €2.25 million.

In view of the high level of selectivity of this call for projects and given the level of the remaining budget available in 2022, The third and final round of selection will consist of a catch-up session open to candidate projects only in 2021 but not supported in the first two waves. The promoters of projects already candidates will have the opportunity until Friday, May 6 at 6pm to modify the content of their application in order to improve the suitability of their application with the characteristics of the device.

Am I concerned by this approach?

The following structures are eligible:

  • existing legal persons, whether private or public, having a commercial capacity
  • who submitted an application during the first two waves of the call for projects (2021) and were not supported

The scheme may support the creation of new projects, such as the development of existing projects.


Examples of projects previously supported

To learn more about the 2021 and 2022 winners, you are invited to read the following document:

Lauréats QCC_3 vagues.pdf

pdf - 617 Ko

A question?

For questions on supporting creative cultural neighbourhoods, please contact:

DGIMIC – Delegation to cultural enterprises