The Ministry of Culture supports the professionalisation of project promoters and cultural entrepreneurs through support for training programmes and professional actions implemented by national incubator-type support schemes, accelerators, nurseries, incubators, activity and employment cooperatives, etc.

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What is support for accompanying measures for culture?

The call for projects “Support for accompanying measures for culture” aims to strengthen the training and support offered by the schemes supporting project promoters and cultural entrepreneurs, with a view to their professionalisation and the structuring of their business or activity. The Ministry’s support for support schemes, whose missions are essential, takes the form of an annual grant.

Les accompanying arrangements are diverse: incubators, incubators, accelerators, business incubators, co-working spaces, business clusters (cluster), third-party locations, Cooperative d'activités et d'emploi (CAE), Pôle territorial de coopération économique (PTCE), Groupements d'employeurs (GE) or professional networks and resource centres.

The term training is broadly understood. This may include group training, one-on-one interviews, workshops, and Masterclass, coaching or mentoring, as well as the production of accessible content (paper or video resources).

Objectives of the approach

This call for projects aims to respond precisely to the expectations and needs of project promoters and cultural entrepreneurs including:

  • training in business creation
  • learn business management and management
  • receive advice on legal, accounting, tax, social and commercial issues for the proper development of its project
  • breaking the isolation of the entrepreneur
  • share experiences and best practices among peers
  • easy and flexible access to professional premises
  • allow the pooling of services, resources and/or jobs
  • support social, solidarity or managerial innovation

The aim is, finally, toencourage collaboration between support mechanisms at local, regional or national levelthrough the establishment of joint training courses, thus promoting the exchange and networking of schemes and entrepreneurs.

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Examples of projects previously supported

For more information on the 2021 recipients, please see:

Lauréats 2021.docx

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A question?

If you have any questions about support for accompanying measures for culture, please contact the delegation for cultural enterprises:

Media and Cultural Industries Branch (CMIB)
Delegation to cultural enterprises
01 40 15 37 97
182 Rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris

The submission for 2022 is complete.