Successful completion of the Dance Technical Aptitude Examination provides access to the training or assessment tests for the State Diploma of Dance Teacher. Under certain conditions, it is possible to be exempted from this examination.

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What is the Dance Skill Test?

The State diploma of dance teacher is registered in the national directory of professional certifications. In order to access it, it is mandatory to take preparatory training.

Article 3 of the order of 23 July 2019 also indicates that "access to the training or evaluation tests of teaching units for the State diploma of dance teacher is conditional on the success of a technical proficiency test with three options: classical, contemporary and jazz dance". The Ministry of Culture issues the licensure following the examination, but also the exemptions.

What is the exemption from the dance technical aptitude exam?

In the field of dance, the Ministry of Culture develops the regulations for initial and higher education, supports the creation and develops the dissemination networks. It also supports the structuring of professions and employment and contributes to the development of arts and cultural education and amateur practices.

Anyone wishing to practise as a dance teacher must have:

  • a state-issued dance teacher’s diploma
  • a certificate of proficiency as a dance teacher
  • a French or foreign diploma recognised as equivalent
  • a dispensation granted because of the particular reputation or proven experience in the teaching of dance, which he may avail himself of.

The applicant may, at his request, be exempted from the technical aptitude examination to validate prior learning in terms of training or work experience (Annex III to the order).

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A question?

If you have any questions about the exemption from the dance technical examination, please contact the Direction générale de la création artistique (DGCA):

Directorate General for Artistic Creation
Directorate for Employment, Higher Education and Research
01 40 15 88 79
62 rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris

or the RDCA/DAR to which you sent your file: