The purpose of the Culture and Social Link programme is to develop artistic and cultural education activities for residents of priority urban and rural areas. It is set up by the regional directorate of cultural affairs (DRAC) of the region in which the project is carried out.

Device overview

What is the interministerial policy Culture and social link?

Through this policy, the DRAC (regional directorates of cultural affairs) affirm a proactive policy with cultural structures by accompanying, in close connection with the actors of the policy of the city, the artistic and cultural projects implemented for the inhabitants of the political districts of the city.

Applicants are strongly advised to consult the services of the DRAC/DAC as soon as the project is conceived and before any other approach, who can provide them with advice.

Objectives of the approach

Artistic and cultural practices are powerful levers of personal emancipation and social cohesion. However, the obstacles to artistic practice and attendance at cultural places are numerous: geographical accessibility, financial means, mechanisms of social exclusion…

This system is therefore intended to:

  • support artists, artistic teams and venues in the development of actions in priority areas
  • lift these brakes
  • and, through a long-term presence, allow the perpetuation of the cultural practices of the inhabitants

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Culture and social link in the regions

You will find below the modalities of deposit and contacts according to the place of realization of your project. Please refer to the regional information below for the calendar set up by the DRAC/DAC that concerns you.
Only the regions listed below are affected by this scheme

Examples of projects supported previously

Evaluation of grant projects

Each project that has received a State grant must be evaluated. To learn more about the evaluation and its submission, we invite you to consult its presentation sheet, by clicking on the button below.