In 2023, the Albums des jeunes architectes et paysagistes (AJAP) Excellence Competition aims to promote the work of young architects and landscapers-designers but also holders of the State diploma of architect practicing in different professions of architecture. The work of the winners will be highlighted, notably through a travelling exhibition in France and abroad.

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What is the AJAP contest?

Created in 1980, the contest Album des jeunes architectes et paysagistes (AJAP) is a Promotion scheme for young architects and landscape architects demonstrating professional skills and a commitment conducive to the development of their talent. It is organized every two years since 2001 by the Ministry of Culture (Direction générale des patrimoines et de l'architecture - DGPA) with the assistance of the Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine and the support of the Institut français.

The competition rewards projects and works that stand out for their innovative strength and commitment, as well as those that open up new avenues for reflection on the architecture and landscape of tomorrow.

What’s new in the 2023 competition

For the first time, the AJAP competition is also open to holders of the State diploma of architect practicing in the private or public sector or self-entrepreneurs and developing personal and meaningful experiences.

This decision makes it possible to adapt the competition to the reality of young graduates in architecture, who are increasingly turning to practices other than mastery in their own name.

The winners, selected by a jury of professionals, will benefit for two years of a promotion campaign: travelling exhibition in France and abroad, publication, website, organization of meetings in France and Europe with the public and project owners, participation in trade fairs.

Since 2001, nearly 170 young agencies have been winners of the AJAP competition, many of which are now recognized.

To learn more about the Albums des jeunes architectes et paysagistes, visit here:

You can also consult the rules of the call for projects:

Règlement du concours AJAP 2023.pdf

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Objectives of the approach

The AJAP competition is a promotional mechanism designed to:

  • facilitate access for young architects and landscape designers to commission architectural and landscape missions
  • to make known in France and abroad young professionals selected for the quality of design and/or implementation of their projects, the relevance of their proposals, their capacity for innovation, the coherence of their approach, and their interest in contemporary architectural, landscape and/or urban issues
  • highlight talented professionals who have opted for professions other than mastery of work and the many avenues open to young graduates of architecture

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Examples of projects previously supported

In the document below, you will find the list of 2020 contest winners:

You will also find portraits and achievements of the 2020 winners on the site of the City of Architecture and Heritage.

A question?

If you have any questions about the Young Architects and Landscapers Albums (AJAP) competition, please contact:

Heritage and Architecture Branch (APB)
Architecture Department, Architecture Quality and Living Environment Branch
Office of Architectural Control Professions
01 40 15 83 77
182 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris


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