Since 2015, the Ministry of Culture has made Media and Information Literacy a strong focus of its policy. In this context, for the 7th consecutive year, DRAC Normandie is initiating territorial residences for journalists based on one residence per department.

Presentation of the device

What is a territorial residence?

A journalist’s territorial residence is a project that creates the conditions for a meeting between a professional journalist and the population, elected officials, residents and local actors in a territory, in a given context and with respect for the independence of the journalist. These residencies allow journalists to settle in a territory and share their profession with diverse and varied audiences.

Objectives of the approach

General objectives

The journalists' residence aims to:

  • Enable an understanding of the information factory and help in its decryption;
  • To make discover the profession of journalist and its current issues;
  • Support the development of a practice and an informed reception of the various media;
  • Raise awareness of freedom of expression and promote citizen participation in the democratic debate by promoting media co-productions on territories;
  • Promote the appropriation of their territory by the inhabitants through media productions
Business Objectives

More specifically, the establishment of journalists' residences in Normandy aims to:

  • Assist in structuring existing productions or professionalizing local media approaches;
  • Allow the creation of temporary media to work on a territorial issue with its inhabitants;
  • Implement media and information education activities for the public involved:
    • through conferences, meetings, workshops
    • or through the implementation of editorial projects or local media.

For more information on the call for projects, you can consult the specifications:

Appel à projet journaliste-CDC Coeur du Perche.pdf

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Examples of projects previously supported

A question?

If you have any questions about the territorial residences of journalists in Normandy, please contact:

Normandy Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs (DRAC)
Cultural and territorial action pole
06 37 53 39 28
13bis rue Saint-Ouen 14052 CAEN cedex 4
7 place de la Madeleine 76172 ROUEN cedex 1