The Normandy Academy, the Normandy Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs and the Normandy Region jointly launch a network of spaces of contemporary art exhibitions "De visu" within the colleges, high schools and higher education institutions in the Normandy region. This device puts the school community and the surrounding population in direct contact with contemporary art creation, through monographic exhibitions by artists.

Presentation of the device

What is the DE VISU call for projects?

DE VISU is a device for the circulation of works within the current network of art spaces. The artists transmit directly to the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) their application file consisting of an exhibition proposal of existing works, suitable for circulation, and not of an artistic project to be produced.

An inaugural exhibition is organized from 9 to 29 November 2023 at theCaen School of Arts and Media which will present some of the selected works. A catalogue of the exhibition is also produced. A day of meeting between artists and teachers is organized on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition Thursday, November 9, 2023. Teachers will be convened as part of the academic training plan. The presence of artists is requested to foster dialogue around their works.

During the 2024 calendar year (divided into 5 periods) artists' works circulate within schools (5 institutions maximum). Each exhibition in each of the current art spaces of the schools gives rise to a public meeting of the works in the presence of the artist; with an intervention time of 12 hours (mediation and/or practice) provided by the selected pedagogical project, and a public meeting of works in the presence of the artist.

Institutions may also take over additional exhibitions, in particular by mobilizing the Culture Pass in partnership with artists subject to their listing on Pass culture and Adage.

In each institution, each referent is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the hanging, the opening, the artists' interventions in front of the students. With the artists, he oversees the circulation of the works, packaged, from the workshop to the exhibition site. Each school undertakes to ensure the safety of works, the quality of packaging for transport. Each following establishment carries out the transport of the works, taking care to establish a statement of state before taking charge.

For each exhibition, an agreement is established between the school and the Radar (cultural operator administrative coordinator of the device) and between the Radar and the artist. A document for taking charge of the works, mentioning among other things the number of works, their condition, the nature of the packaging, etc. is signed by the head of establishment on arrival and departure of the works.

Objectives of the approach

This call for projects aims to:

  • To evoke the encounter with contemporary creation in plastic arts in all its forms: installations, drawing, painting, sculpture, video, photography, plastic expressions linked to new technologies…
  • To question, in an innovative way, the place of art and culture in society and to sharpen the gaze of the public concerned on the artistic potentialities of the world around it.
  • To place young people as responsible actors and not just consumers of culture.
  • To open artistic and cultural education on the territory, in connection with the city.
  • Open partnerships between educational and higher education institutions and structures for creation and dissemination.

Am I concerned by this approach?


A question?

If you have any questions about the DE VISU call for projects in Normandy, please contact:

Normandy DRAC by email (PDF only)

The submission of applications for 2023 is now closed.