Deps launches call for research proposals on cultural dynamics and territorial disparities

Presentation of the call for research proposals


The question of territories and their development has been revived in the last decade, following the territorial reorganization resulting from the NotRe law of 7 August 2015. It has once again become a priority public policy issue as territorial balances were redefined following Act III of decentralization, but also, as of November 2018, with the social crisis born of the Yellow Vests movement which imposed the issue of territorial equity on the political agenda.

Today, with more than 73,000 places, sites and cultural facilities, plus some 7,300 festivals, the French territory is characterized by an extraordinarily rich and varied cultural offering. How is this offer distributed over the territory, does it benefit all spaces in an equitable way? The question of mobility in terms of cultural supply and participation is now linked to cultural planning.

Several studies carried out over the past two years within the Deps, focusing on the geographical approach, make it possible to acquire finer means of observation on territoriality (Atlas Culture and synthesis of national and regional territorial dynamics, analysis of cultural practices in the territories according to the INSEE density grid, festival mapping, survey on the expenditure of local authorities and typology of municipalities according to their cultural expenditure, to be published in 2023).

The completion of this observation cycle opens the possibility of conducting new more in-depth and specialized work to inform the territorial theme. The analysis of territorial dynamics is indeed at the crossroads of the humanities and social sciences disciplines (social and human geography, sociology of organized action, sociology of exclusion, political science...) which can enrich the cultural question by providing elements of understanding on the political and social elements that give meaning to the organization of space.

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