The "Aid to authors" scheme has three components:
- grants for literary creation;
- residencies for literary mediation;
- residencies for literary creation.
These grants help support literature in the regions.

Presentation of the device

What is aid to authors?

Creative projects and literary residencies and mediation are supported to the extent that they make it possible to energize literary creation in the Grand Est region, to bring out and know talents, to contribute to the quality and diversity of literary creation. The term "literary" is understood here in the broad sense and concerns both illustration, drawing and text.

The scheme comprises three different types of aid:

  • Grants for literary creation, solely funded by the Grand Est Region;
  • literary mediation residencies, jointly funded by the Grand Est Region and the Grand Est DRAC;
  • Creative Writing Residencies, jointly funded by the Grand Est Region and DRAC Grand Est.

Three sessions are organized each year (only one for mediation residences).

Creative Writing Grants

The Creative Writing Grants are intended for writers, translators, illustrators, screenwriters and cartoonistsdrawn and others, major natural persons domiciled in the Grand Est region and having a project of publication at the account of publisher and having not benefited from a writing grant in the same calendar year as that of the application. It is necessary to be registered as an artist-author with the URSSAF.

Eligible projects are unpublished and unfinished fiction projects (fiction, short stories, theatre, poetry, comics, illustration) or non-fiction projects (essays, etc.), with the exception of works in certain fields (see the full regulations to download below).

The maximum annual amount is €5,000.

Literary mediation residencies

The residencies of literary mediation are a new device, set up jointly by the Grand Est Region, the CNL (National Book Centre) and the DRAC Grand Est, resolutely oriented towards mediation and transmission to the public. In this way, they complement the creative residences that have already existed for several years.

The principle of these residencies is to present cultural programming based on the work and presence of the artist or artists and on establishing a relationship with the public. Lasting from 2 to 8 months, the mediation residency will take place in the region, in a relative proximity to the artist’s home or workplace.

The objectives of this scheme are to:

  • support actions that enable the establishment of a long-term relationship (between 2 and 8 months) between an author(s) and audiences, within a cultural, educational or social structure of the Great East;
  • encourage the exploitation of the work and published works of the authors of the Great East in their own territory;
  • to promote the dissemination of information to young people, and even arts and cultural education.

The residency does not require the author to break with his other professional activities and familiar environment. It is a question of encouraging the development of authors from the Great East in their own territory and of allowing the development of literary projects between one or more authors from the Great East and a structure of the territory.

For more information, we invite you to consult the specifications below:


Creative Writing Residencies

The creative writing residencies are jointly funded by the Grand Est Region and the DRAC Grand Est. Based on the rich regional network of cultural establishments (centres, libraries, etc.), the device aims to promote literary creation in the Grand Est region by promoting the emergence of talent and supporting artists.

Over a residency period of 2 to 4 months, the artist will devote 70% of his time to creation, the remaining 30% being dedicated to a mediation program.

For more information, we invite you to consult the specifications below:


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