By supporting the dissemination of the press, the Ministry of Culture helps to guarantee freedom of the press, pluralism of expression, information for the citizen and the conditions of democratic debate.

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What is aid to the pluralism of all online press services?

Support for pluralism in all-online news services was created by the Decree no. 2021-16666 of 15 December 2021.

An all-online press service is a press title distributed exclusively electronically, with no variation on a printed format. The aid benefits press companies publishing one or more recognized online press services for political and general information (IPG) (Article 2 of the decree of 29 October 2009).

Support for the pluralism of on-line political and general news services aims to support these press services in order to encourage the development of their editorial activity, ensure the sustainability of their business model and allow access to a quality press and pluralism of ideas. The scheme covers all types of offers: paid, free or mixed.

This subsidy is based on the amount of media editorial spending to enable media companies to offer reliable and quality information online in response to new digital models. In order to encourage titles that attract a financial commitment from their readers and seek to meet the concerns of press independence, a bonus is granted according to the number of paid subscribers. Finally, a financial supplement is granted to companies created less than three years ago publishing an online press service created less than three years ago.

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A question?

If you have any questions about assistance to the on-line press services of political and general information, you are invited to contact the office of the economic regime of the press:

Media and Cultural Industries Branch (CMIB)
Office for the Economic Regime of the Press
01 40 15 33 70
182 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris


Other aid for media pluralism

In order to guarantee the pluralism of the press, the Ministry of Culture offers various aids to the press services: