Each project that has received a State grant must be evaluated. It concerns the evaluation of cultural development and territorial action projects carried out in Ile-de-France.

Device overview

What is the evaluation of cultural development and territorial action projects?

The evaluation of a project takes the form of an assessment. This report is written by the supporting structure of the project but all partners contribute to it.

This scorecard will provide both a quantitative and qualitative assessment. No new grant applications will be considered if the evaluation sheets for previously funded projects have not been submitted.

Objectives of the approach

This evaluation is intended to:

  • Detail the specific use of the grant
  • Strengthen dialogue between the different project partners
  • Encourage supported structures to reflect on the effects of the actions they carry out with the public
  • Strengthen the dialogue between the Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs (DRAC) and the cultural structures and better understand the effects of the proposed measures
  • Promote joint actions with the public

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How to submit an evaluation

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Projects previously supported

A question?

If you have any questions about the evaluation sheet "cultural development and territorial action", please contact:

Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs (DRAC) Ile-de-France
Service régional des Populations, de l'Accompagnement, de la Coopération et des Territoires (SRPACTe)
01 56 06 50 95/ 01 56 06 50 30