To remain alive, a language must be able to name the realities of the world in which it evolves and express the new concepts that emerge, especially in technical and scientific fields: it is the enrichment of its vocabulary. The Ministry of Culture financially supports projects aimed at developing and developing the resources of the French lexicon, that is lexicography, neology and terminology, and contributing to their influence in France and abroad.

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What is the enrichment of the French language?

The French language is alive and well. Far from being frozen in daily practice, it evolves as French society changes. It is abundant in the scientific and technical fields where, faced with the temptation to borrow foreign languages, vigilance is indispensable to accompany the creation of French terms.

At the Ministry of Culture, the General Delegation for the French Language and Languages of France (DGLFLF) coordinates an interdepartmental mechanism to produce a reference terminology (all terms) to name in French the realities and new concepts, which often appear first with foreign names.

Objectives of the approach

Apart from the action conducted directly by the DGLFLF, many practical or theoretical linguistics works focus on the evolution of the vocabulary of current French (the appearance of new words, in lexicography and in neology) and vocabularies of specialized languages (the creation of technical terms, in terminology). They are conducted at very different levels, whether in the field of terminology production, research or standardization, in university centres, businesses, language policy organizations...

By providing its financial support, the DGLFLF endeavours to encourage projects aimed at supporting the enrichment of the French language, maintaining and developing its use in all fields, in France and abroad.

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Examples of projects previously supported

Projects supported in 2022:

  • Organization of the 5th International Congress of Romanesque Language Neology (CINEO)
  • Organization of the 8th World Congress of French Linguistics
  • Publication of a printed work and a thematic issue in open access relating to the colloquium «La traduction au service des institutions: outils, expériences et innovations pour le multilinguisme» of the LTT network (Lexicologie Terminologie Traduction)

A question?

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