To meet the development and structuring needs of festivals, support their transitions and encourage their innovations and artistic risk-taking, the Ministry of Culture provides financial assistance under certain conditions.

Presentation of the device

What is a festival?

A festival is defined as an event limited in time and space, which develops an artistic and cultural project in an editorial logic of programming forming a unity, based on three criteria:

  • The programming of artistic works and creations offered mainly by professionals;
  • A defined duration and recurrence over time, whether annual, biennial, etc.;
  • A territorial anchor.

What is support for festivals in the field of artistic creation?

Any festival organizer in the field of creation (live performance and visual arts) who meets the eligibility conditions set by the Ministry of Culture within the framework of the "Principles of State Commitment to Festivals" and meets the criteria for intervention provided for in this text may apply for financial assistance by filling in this form.

Three types of aid are foreseen: one-off, three-year and one cross-cutting. In order to benefit from it, a festival must meet eligibility criteria and contribute to at least two issues in each of the following fields: artistic, cooperation and structuring of professional channels, territorial registration and accessibility and open to the public.

No application gives an automatic right to a subsidy. The project promoter is also required to receive at least one other public funding. Each territorially competent decentralized service is in charge of the investigation and follow-up of requests, according to the procedures it determines.

Am I concerned by this approach?

To seek the support of the Ministry of Culture, a festival must meet the following definition: to be an event limited in time and space, which develops an artistic and cultural project in an editorial logic of programming forming a unity.

To find out if they are eligible, festivals are invited to refer to the eligibility criteria below.


Support for regional festivals

Commission dates will be communicated later. Please refer to the regional information below for the calendar set up by the decentralized department of the Ministry of Culture in your region.

A question?

If you have any questions about the Fonds de soutien aux festivals dans le domaine de la création artistique, you are invited to contact your decentralized department, whose contact details are indicated above or to:

Creative Arts Branch (BOD)
Multidisciplinary Dissemination and Transversal Programs Department
01 40 15 88 33
62 Rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris

The submission for the year 2023 has been completed.