The memory of women and men who have distinguished themselves in the history of France is valued through the label "Maison des Illustres".  Awarded by the Ministry of Culture, this label contributes to the conservation and transmission of the places that shape our country.

Presentation of the device

What is a House of Illustres?

Present in all metropolitan regions as in the French Overseas Territories, the Maisons des Illustres draw a real map of places where the history of our country has been shaped. These houses show how the heritage is a territory, living nourished by the personality of those who inhabited it leaving their trace. 

The Houses of the Illustrious form a network of places of memory that continues to grow in order to connect local history and national history, the intimate and the collective. They reveal the role played by men and women on a political, religious, scientific or artistic level, the cultural dimension of which the Ministry of Culture intends to promote. 

Objectives of the approach

Created in 2011, by the Ministry of Culture, the label «Maisons des Illustres» is intended to promote places whose vocation is to preserve and transmit the memory of the women and men who lived in them and distinguished themselves in political history, scientific, social and cultural of France.  

The label guarantees visitors to the Maisons des Illustres:

  • a quality cultural programme
  • arrangements for accompanying the visit, adapted to everyone, especially the school public and persons with disabilities.

To date 253 houses have been labeled.

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Examples of places labelled "Maison des illustres"

To learn more about the labeled places, you can go to the dedicated interactive map.

The label "Maisons des Illustres" in the region

Please refer to the information below for more information on deposit arrangements and schedules in your region.

A question?

If you have any questions about the Maison des Illustres, please contact:

General Delegation for Transmission, Territories and Cultural Democracy
Department of Territories, Division of Territorial Attractiveness
01 40 15 34 02
182 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris

or the decentralized department of the Ministry of Culture in your region, whose contact details are given above.