Call for projects «Territorial artistic and cultural residency in school» invites artists and cultural professionals to imagine and implement an arts and cultural education project in close partnership with the educational teams of schools, for the benefit of all students. It is proposed and subsidized by the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Île-de-France.

Presentation of the device

What is the territorial artistic and cultural residence?

The territorial artistic and cultural residence in a school environment aims to:

  • participate in the development of arts and cultural education
  • build a collaboration between professionals in the arts and culture, educational teams and a large number of classes
  • deepening partnerships in one territory, complementing other existing arrangements

The purpose of the residence is to be open and to have an impact on a territory. It can therefore concern several schools. In this case, a pilot institution must be appointed to facilitate the network of associated schools and ensure the establishment and operation of a joint monitoring committee. A residence can thus help to federate the relations between schools, colleges and lycées of the same territory.

More generally, the action of the residence can reflect that of a diversity of actors of the territory (recreation centres, youth and cultural centres, neighbourhood houses, social centres, associations, medical and social centres, youth protection units, hospitals, retirement homes, etc.). The residence must bring together a significant number of pupils and a multidisciplinary team of teachers within each school concerned.

Objectives of the approach

The objectives of the territorial artistic and cultural residence in a school setting are to:

  • help reduce inequalities in access to art and culture
  • allow as many people as possible to understand the creative process, whether it is related to contemporary creation, heritage or scientific culture, or school programs
  • open to another worldview and develop the student’s critical mind
  • to provide a unifying arts and cultural education for children, youth and their families
  • contribute to the artistic and cultural development of the territory (heritage, public reading, museums, cinema, theatre, dance, music and choral practice, etc.) by integrating the project into a local (communal, intercommunal, etc.) and participatory dynamic (public, schools, municipal and associative structures), while mobilising the educational community

For more information, we invite you to consult the specifications below:

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A question?

For questions about territorial artistic and cultural residencies, please contact:

Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs (DRAC) IDF
Regional Service of Populations, Support, Cooperation and Territories (SR-PACTe)
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