Since 2008, the compagnonnage system has been designed to promote the transmission and professional integration within theatre companies, puppetry, circus and street arts. This assistance from the Ministry of Culture allows a young director or author to collaborate with artistic teams.

Presentation of the device

What is companionship assistance?

Companionship is a device that allows a novice director or author to benefit from an accompaniment process within a company. In this context, the authors are led to write an original work and the directors to present a model

The collaboration between the companion and the artistic team is organized around sequences of exchanges, work and presentation to the public.

The elaboration of a timetable detailing these working, exchange and porosity times must thus be the pivot element of any search for an inscription in the companion device.

This device is of primary interest in the professionalization of artistic teams, and even in support of emergence. It cannot be assimilated to a production aid or a text order, even if it incorporates these purposes. Companionship intended to to encourage new forms of cooperation, he/she cannot be a regular employee of the company.

Trans-regional exchanges will have to be sought, particularly in the overseas regions.

The system consists of two types of aid: the Compagnonnage Plateau and the Compagnonnage Auteur(s).

Objectives of the approach

Compagnonnage Plateau

The Compagnonnage Plateau aims to promote the transmission and professional integration between a confirmed artistic team and a companion(e), a novice director. It allows you to accompany artists at the beginning of their professional career or to take a step in the course of it thanks to a privileged collaboration with companies agreed by the State (theatre, puppets, circus and street arts, etc.).

The companions will thus have the opportunity to understand concretely all aspects of the profession and to design and produce shows, in a spirit of transmission, sharing of experience and know-how.

The «weaving» of the partnerships thus achieved should ultimately allow a successful territorial implementation and promote access to project assistance especially for young teams.

Companionship author(s)

Le Compagnonnage Auteur(s) encourages artistic teams and contemporary authors to work together and to share time of exchange during the process of writing and adapting the text to the stage.

This device aims to accompany the collaboration between an author(s) outside the company and the team itself. It differs from a production aid in that it must allow the financing of the writing order to the author, but also significant exchange times with the company for its adaptation to the stage.

The duration of this collaboration (between 1 year and 18 months), must necessarily include the commission of a new work (excluding adaptation) to one or more authors, a phase of exchanges with the artistic team, and the participation of the author(s) its setting and presentation to the public. 

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A question?

If you have any questions about assistance to the authors or the set, please contact:

Creative Arts Branch (BOD)
Delegation to the Theatre and Associated Arts
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 or to the decentralized service of the Ministry of Culture of the place of realization of your project:

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