A key feature of the Ministry of Culture’s policy towards young people, the Culture Pass continues its development in the territories.

That the culture pass – this mechanism put in place by the government, which allocates a cultural cheque to each young person aged 15 to 18 – in honour of the 2022 edition of the Salon des maires, was obvious, both “ local authorities, and in particular the cities that are the main funders of culture and develop youth policies, are the privileged partners Sébastien Cavalier, President of SAS pass Culture, said:

Today, 1800 local authorities are, in fact, already partners. Others should join them in the short term. “We are at the entire disposal of local authorities to set up operations for young people,” says Hélène Amblès, Director of Development of the Culture Pass, especially since the scheme, in the organization of national events, such as the European Heritage Days, plays the digital card full. “ Thanks to a targeted mailing, we can address a given news item to all the young people of the municipality concerned ", continues Hélène Amblès. Last asset: " the presence of employees in each region of France ».

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Renew audiences

Illustration with the cities of Beaugency and Bordeaux. The first, with 7500 inhabitants, is well equipped with cultural facilities including a cinema, a permanent exhibition space and an independent bookshop. « The first benefit of the Culture pass is to make visible our offer, which today mainly affects seniors and to contribute to the renewal of audiencessays Jacques Mesas, its mayor, the second stems from the existence of a sport-culture pass since 2020: the Culture pass complements this first pass, it sometimes makes it possible to fully finance an annual registration and to sensitize young people to the culture ».

Bordeaux also, which will have a million inhabitants by 2030, has a specific map. « The objective is to share the map and the Culture pass ” said Baptiste Maurin, Deputy Mayor in charge of arts and cultural education in Bordeaux. “ The Culture pass is a relay of the promotion of the cultural offer in the territory at two entrances. The first is collective: it is a matter of developing arts and cultural education everywhere. The Culture pass, which is aimed at young people between 15 and 18 years old, makes it possible to develop the scheme in middle and upper schools. It offers the ability to mobilize a budget that did not necessarily exist. The cooperation between the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of National Education, and the city of Bordeaux irrigates the territory because of this central point that is Bordeaux at the level of the Gironde. The second entry is individual: the objective is to strengthen the dynamic on the individual share of the cultural offer of the city ».