On Wednesday 2 November, a national tribute will be paid to Pierre Soulages, the last giant of the artistic scene, in the square courtyard of the Louvre.

Major artist », « last giant of the contemporary scene », « immense figure embodying French creation "… Pierre Soulages, who passed away on 26 October at the age of 102, provoked reactions from all over the world, greeting in him an immense artist, inventor of the horseshoe, master’s signature ».

One national tribute, which you can follow live on the Élysée’s YouTube channel, will be returned to him on Wednesday, November 2, by the President of the Republic, in the presence of his wife and family, in the square courtyard of the Louvre in Paris.

An exceptional artistic career

« Pierre Soulages had been able to reinvent the dark, making the light shine. Beyond the dark, his works are vivid metaphors where each of us draws hope », said Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic.

« Pierre Soulages, the immense artist who taught us to see light in the dark, leaves us today at the age of 102, at the end of a dazzling career that leaves us with a deeply renewed visual imagination », gave him back homage Rima Abdul Malak, Minister of Culture, stressing that his work is the best demonstration of what art can do in this world, to emancipate and dazzle ».

« In 2001, he was the first living artist to be invited to exhibit at the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, France., continued the Minister of Culture. For his 90th birthday, in 2009, the Centre Pompidou in Paris offered him the largest retrospective ever devoted to an artist living before the magnificent exhibition dedicated to him at the Louvre, on the occasion of his centenary ».

A unique work

The Minister of Culture also stressed her commitment to her region: I am thinking of Rodez, his hometown, where the magnificent relief museum, labeled museum of France. In Montpellier, where its wonderful polyptychs hung in a glass pavilion bring serenity to visitors of the fabre museum since 2007 ».

To pay tribute to the painter, the Soulages Museum was opened free of charge on Sunday, October 30 to allow everyone to discover the richness of his work and his personal collections.

Hommage national à Pierre Soulages