The meeting will take place on March 15 at the Museum of Art and History of Judaism.

For the upcoming broadcast of the podcast series On the trail, produced by the Ministry of Culture (Mission de recherche et de restitution des biens culturels spoliés entre 1933 et 1945), written by Léa Veinstein, directed by Arnaud Forest and GONG and narrated by Florence Loiret Caille, the Ministry of Culture and the Museum of Art and History of Judaism (mahJ) organize a meeting entitled:

Léa Veinstein, Elsa Vernier-Lopin and David Zivie will present the project; the discussion will be moderated by Jonathan Hayoun.

The meeting will begin by listening to episode 1: “On the other side of the table”; Naked in a landscape, Max Pechstein, spoofed to Hugo Simon.

Each episode tells the story of one or more works stolen from Paris, Bordeaux, Vienna or Munich, whose provenance had to be traced and the owners and sometimes the rights holders identified. Each episode gives the floor to the descendants or representatives of the spoliated, to the researchers of origin, to the museums that kept the works and to a member of the Mission of research and restitution of the spoliated cultural property between 1933 and 1945.

Episode 1 “On the other side of the table”. Naked in a landscape, by Max Pechstein, taken from Hugo Simon

Episode 2 The shadow of the Klimt. Roses under trees, by Gustav Klimt, spoliated to Nora Stiasny

Episode 3 Unknown at this address. Still life with ham, by Floris van Schooten, and Food, fruit and glasses on a table, by Pieter Benoit, taken from Mathilde Javal

Episode 4: “The Seven Differences”. The Smell, Royal Mortlake Factory, tapestry, stolen from the Drey family

Episode 5 : «Letters twice stolen». Literary and personal archives stolen from Michel Georges-Michel

Episode 6 : «Les tableaux rescapés». The Poplars, Trees and Composition, by Fédor Löwenstein, stolen from the artist

The episodes will be available on March 16 on the website of the Ministry of Culture and on all platforms.


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