This report again illustrates the richness and diversity of the work of the CSPLA.

The three reports published in 2018 attest to our collective ability to fit into both long-term and short-term action, or even urgency:

  • Most of our thinking focuses on the medium- and long-term perspectives of copyright, in particular on the issues raised by the development of new technologies, particularly digital technologies.
    • This is the case with blockchain (blockchain), which appears to be an opportunity for rights holders, in particular to enable them to prove their copyright and ensure the traceability of transactions concerning their work. But at the same time, it raises delicate questions about the reliability of the information captured and more generally about the role of traditional actors in literary and artistic property.
    • This is also the case with the study on literary and artistic property and digital content, which presents a vast fresco of the many questions raised by these contents.
  • Our Council is also able to mobilize to support, in a very short time, the reflection of the public authorities, as shown by the study on the neighbouring rights of press publishers, which has proved very valuable in the negotiation of the directive on copyright in the digital single market, which I am pleased to welcome recently.

I would therefore like to thank warmly the qualified personalities and rapporteurs who have written these high-quality reports, sometimes on short notice.

I would also like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to my predecessor, Pierre-François Racine, who chaired our Council for six years, during which he displayed much appreciated qualities of listening, diplomacy and imagination.

He was able to maintain the good conduct of our debates, sometimes lively but always constructive, and above all the high standard of the work of our institution.

Olivier Japiot
State councillor

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CSPLA 2018 Activity Report

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