Group 4 of the Session 19-20

The use of a building is also the best guarantee of its conservation. How to reinvest the abandoned built heritage with new uses that ensure both its financing and a social revitalization of the localities that anchor these buildings?

What is the role of the private sector? What are the necessary adaptation procedures for public regulators? What new form of public engagement can accompany projects?

REFERENT : Manual GAUTRAND, Architect

Group members :

  • Fanny BANNET, Partner and Director of Operations of MANIFESTO
  • Florence DECLAVEILLÈRE, Architect of the Buildings of France, Head of the departmental unit of architecture and the Conservation of the historical monuments of Martinique
  • Alice DESPREZ, Director of Culture-Animation-Heritage in the City and Metropolis of Brest
  • Marie-France LUCCHINI, Director of promotion of living and contemporary arts of the City of Le Havre
  • Delphine SAMSOEN, Director of Human Resources of the National Monuments Centre
  • Valérie TRAVIER, Deputy Director of Cultural Affairs of Occitanie

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Changes in abandoned built heritage

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