On December 7, the 5th Network Day of the Cycle of Higher Studies of Culture was held at Sciences Po Paris.

Class members Jeanne Laurent, Agnès Varda, Sonia Delaunay and the current session were invited to meet for one day, and to exchange with Sciences Po students in Culture Specialty of the School of Public Affairs and in Master in Political Arts who joined the workshops. In fact, the Dean of the School of Public Affairs, Philippe Martin, as well as the Director General of Sciences Po Paris, Mathias Vicherat, confirmed their keen interest in collective reflections committed to a less divided cultural world.


The day was marked by forward thinking: listeners, students and students were organized in role-playing groups inspired by the Vraiment Vraiment designer collective. In 2050, according to the chance of circumstance that their territory would have known, the players imagined together a priority cultural policy to lead there, then the lessons to be learned for our present. In response, Marc Drouet, Regional Director of Cultural Affairs for Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, offered us a special moment as regards the changes in the collective view by inviting us to take a step aside.


Finally, thanks to Leila Benaouali, director of the choreographic company DANS6T and listener of session 22-23, the participants enjoyed a dance show as well as a time of exchange with Bouziane Bouteldja, choreographer and artistic director of the company.