Order of 17 October 2022 appointing and promoting in the order of Arts and Letters NOR: MICA2228073A

Ministry of Culture


The Minister of Culture,  

Having regard to Decree No. 57-549 of 2 May 1957 amending the Order of Arts and Letters;Having regard to the opinion of the Conseil de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, meeting in plenary session on 27 September 2022, during the examination of the candidates for the summer 2022 French promotion,  


Article 1

The following are appointed or promoted to the rank of Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters:

Mme ARBONIES Caroline, Marcelle dite ARBO Carole Former dancer and star of the Paris Opera, dance teacher 
AUTISSIER Isabelle Writer, honorary president of an international non-governmental organization dedicated to environmental protection and sustainable development
Ms BELIN Valérie Plasticienne
Mr. BLANDIN-ESTOURNET Christophe né BLANDIN Vice-President and administrator of an artistic and humanitarian association, director of the Théâtre de l'Agora, national stage of Évry and Essonne
Mr. BORER Alain Poet, essayist, art critic
Mme CHEVALLIER Martine Member of the Comédie-Française
Mme DE PÉRUSSE DES CARS Laurence dite DES CARS President of the Public Establishment of the Louvre Museum
Ms DENIS Claire née LEBOUCQ Screenwriter, director
M. DÉSIRÉ DIT GOSSET Gilles General Curator of Heritage, Director of the Heritage and Photography Library
Ms FIAT Dominique Galeriste
Mr. FRANCK Michel General and artistic director of a theatre
M. GALLIENNE Guillaume Sociétaire de la Comédie-Française, screenwriter, director, chairman of the commission for the call for projects in favour of authors and other podcasts in the ministry
Mrs GRISONI Nicole known as NICOLETTA Interpreter
Mr. HAUVILLE François-Xavier Musician, former director of the Lausanne Opera
Mr. HURARD François Inspector-General for Cultural Affairs, Ombudsman at the Court of Auditors, Vice-President of the Committee for the Call for Projects for Authors and Podcast Authors at the Ministry, former Director of the National Centre for Cinema and Animated Images
Ms HUSTON Nancy Writer
Mme LAUBY Chantal Actress, humorist, screenwriter, director
Mr. MAY Roland General Curator of Heritage, Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Heritage Conservation and Restoration in Marseille
Mr. MOCHON Jean-Philippe President of the 5th Chamber of the Litigation Section of the Council of State, Mediator of Books and Music of the Ministry
Mr. MONTANARI Jean-Paul Director of l'Agora, cité internationale de la danse, and of the Montpellier dance festival
Mr. PRIN Yves Conductor, composer
Mr. RANCINAN Gérard Plasticien, photographer, former senior reporter 
Mr. ROUITS Dominique Conductor
Mrs VIARD Karine known as Karin Actress

Article 2

The following are appointed or promoted to the rank of Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters:

Mr. APPAIX Georges Choreographer, president and artistic director of a dance company
Ms ARMAND Juliette Director of Events and Operations at the Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais
Mr. ASSADI Saïd Director of a music label, founder of an establishment dedicated to musical creation 
Ms ATWOOD Jane Evelyn Photographer
Mr. AUDI Pierre Director of the Aix-en-Provence Festival
Mrs BAILLON Sylvie Director, director of a company dedicated to the puppetry arts 
Ms BALEA Silvia Cultural and audiovisual attaché at the Embassy of France in Portugal
Mr. BAUDRY Antonin Director, cartoonist, screenwriter, director
Ms BEDIN Martine Designer, architect
Mr. BENDA Raphaël Executive director and former head of sponsorship at an insurer, patron
Ms BOURA Frédéricque dite Frédérique Regional Director of Cultural Affairs of Normandy
Mrs BOURGEOIS Florence née FRIBOURG BLANC Director of an international photography fair 
Mme BOURGOIN Ariane Louise dite Louise Actress
Mr. BRALEY Frank Pianist
Mrs CAHN Isabelle née SUDRIE Honorary Curator of Heritage, Curator of Exhibition, Writer 
Ms CARRIER Christine Director of the Public Information Library 
Mrs CHAMBRON Claire-Lyse In charge of plurilingualism, French in the world and Francophonie at the General Delegation for the French Language and Languages of France
Mrs CHEMLA Judith Actress
Mr. CHUSSEAU Loïc Director of a radio station, national delegate for cultural affairs of the national union of free radio stations
Mr. CORNE Eric Artist, curator
Mrs DANYSZ Magdalena known as Magda Galerist
Ms DARROZE Hélène Chef, Restaurateur
M. DEMARCY Emmanuel dit DEMARCY-MOTA Playwright, director, director of the Théâtre de la Ville and a multidisciplinary art festival, president of the 2022 France-Portugal Season
Mrs DESGRANGES Béatrice née KILNDJIAN Founder and director of a music festival and an association for the promotion of music
Mr. D'HUMIÈRES Ghislain President and CEO of an art museum in the United States 
Mrs DI ROSA Victoire née BIDEGAIN, aka BIDEGAIN DI ROSA General Commissioner of the 2022 France-Portugal Season
Mrs DION Isabelle née CARBONNEL General Curator of Heritage, Director of the Archives nationales d'Outre-mer 
Mr. DUCHER Patrice Deputy Regional Director for Cultural Affairs of the Pays de la Loire
Mr. GABET Olivier Director of the Department of Art of the Louvre Museum
Mr. GARCIA Salvador Director of Bonlieu, Annecy National Scene
Mr. GIMAZANE Rémi Head of the Department of Book Economics in the Book and Reading Department in the Directorate-General for Media and Cultural Industries
Mr. GOLDENSTERN Georges Former Director of an organization for the promotion of young talents in film creation
Ms GRANIER Chantal née COSTE Artistic Director and Development Consultant for a sculpture workshop  
Mr. GRIENENBERGER Yann Director of a place dedicated to glass art
Mr. HARDY Pierre Designer, Shoemaker
Ms JACOB Irène Actress, president of an association dedicated to the dissemination and conservation of film heritage
Mr. JALET Damien Dancer, choreographer, director
Mr. JOZROLLAND Maurice Musician, organizer and presenter of shows for hospitalized persons  
Ms JUMEAU Anne-Françoise Architect
Mr. LAUGIER Ludovic Curator of Exhibition, Curator of Heritage in the Department of Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities of the Louvre Museum, author
Ms LAURENT Mélanie Actress, director
Mr. LE BOURHIS Marc Regional Director of Cultural Affairs of the Pays de la Loire
Ms LE HOT Elizabeth Head of Department, Assistant to the Director General, Media and Cultural Industries Branch
Mr. LEBUREAU Jean-Pierre Ornemaniste, best worker in France 
Ms LEFEUVRE Bénédicte Regional Director for Cultural Affairs of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Ms LESAGE Bénédicte Producer
Mr. LESCOT Jean-Pierre Plasticien, actor, president of an association organizing a puppet theatre festival 
Ms LEVACHER Claire Conductor
Mr. LEVET Thomas Executive Director of Institutional Affairs and Corporate Philanthropy of a Banking Institution, President of a Circle of Influence for Culture
Mr. LIÉVAUX Pascal Deputy Head of the Delegation for Inspection, Research and Innovation in the Directorate-General for Heritage and Architecture
Ms MATIAKH Ariane Conductor
Ms MERCIER Michèle Actress
Mr. MERCY Dominique Dancer, choreographer
Mr. MESLAY Olivier Director of an art museum in the United States
Ms MOLINERO Anita Sculptrice 
Ms NYFFENEGGER Isabelle Assistant Director for European and International Affairs in the Legal and International Affairs Department at the General Secretariat
Mr OSSONCE Jean-Yves Conductor
PIKON Héléna Dancer, member and rehearsal director of a dance company 
M. RONEZ Joël Digital content creator, independent producer, co-founder and president of a podcast network 
Mr. ROPHÉ Pascal Conductor, Musical Director of the Pays de la Loire National Orchestra
Mr. ROUSSEL Michel Regional Director of Cultural Affairs of Occitanie
Ms SCHNECK-ROSENFELD Colombe dite SCHNECK Journalist, writer, director
Ms SIX Valérie Former Director of Communication at the Odeon-Théâtre de l'Europe
TEBOUL David Director, screenwriter, writer
Ms TROLY Agnès Director of Programming of the Avignon Festival
Mr. VIGIÉ Eric General Director of the Lausanne Opera, director, stage designer
Mrs VILLALONGA Marthe Actress
Mr. WEBLEY Thierry Director of the Reception, Surveillance and Security Department of the Public Establishment of the Palace, the Museum and the National Domain of Versailles
Mrs WIDMAIER-RUIZ-PICASSO Diana Art historian, curator, author

Article 3

The following are appointed to the rank of Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters:

Mr. ABRAHAM Nicolas President of a regional language federation
Ms ADAM Anne-Marie née SENEZERGUES President of the Scientific Council of the European Archaeological Research Centre in Bibracte
Mr. ADASSOVSKY DUVAL Nicolas Producer
Ms ALLARD-GUERRIER Christine dite ALLARD Director of Communications, Institutional Relations and Corporate Philanthropy for a Highway Dealership
Ms ANNENBERG WEINGARTEN Regina née GREGORIO Patron, consultant, translator 
Mr. ANTOLINOS Arnaud Secretary General and Project Director of La Colline-Théâtre national
Mr. ARHANT Guirec Mayor of Tréguier, Chairman of the Regional Committee on Heritage and Architecture of Brittany
Mr. BARELLI Hervé Special Adviser to the City of Nice, author, director
Mr. BARON François Samuel says Sam Designer, creative director
Mr. BARRARD Marc Lyric artist
Mr. BARTOCETTI Michael Pastry Chef
Mr. BAUMGARTNER Thomas Journalist, radio producer, author, co-founder of a sound production agency  
Mr BAYARD Didier General Curator of Honorary Heritage 
Ms BELLILI Malika née OUADFEL Executive Assistant to the Head of the Human Resources Department at the General Secretariat
Mr. BELMON Jérôme Head of the Library Department for Books and Reading of the Media and Cultural Industries Directorate 
Mme BÉNETIÈRE Marie-Hélène Historian, Research Engineer, Project Manager for Parks and Gardens in the Heritage Department of the Directorate-General for Heritage and Architecture
Ms BEREST Anne Writer, screenwriter
Mr. BERNARD Arnaud Director 
M. BERQUE Augustin Philosopher, geographer, translator
Ms BESOMBES Viviane Administrative and Financial Director at the Musée des Arts décoratifs
Mme BEUVE Véronique Sous-préfète de Vichy, architect
Ms BIDERMANN ROIZEN Camille Vice-President and Executive Director of an international academy for the promotion of television content
Ms BLANC Solenne née GARNIER Director-General of a press and cultural services group 
Mme BLONDEAU Catherine Director of the stage Le Grand-T, writer
Ms BLOU Léna Dancer, choreographer
Mr. BONNELL Bruno Secretary General for Investment France 2030
M. BONNERY André Author, President of the Société d'études historiques de Trèbes, member of the Académie des arts et des sciences de Carcassonne
Ms BORDRY Anne-Sophie Founder of a company specialized in digital transformation, deputy mayor of the 15th arrondissement of Paris
Ms BOUVIER Annick Creator of theatrical workshops in the school environment, founder of a music school in Madrid, director of a hotel school 
Mme BRESCHAND Hélène Harpiste, composer
BRESSAND Frédérique née BEAUPERTUIS, dit BEAUPERTUIS-BRESSAND founder and president of an association for art and history, editor of a historical magazine, writer 
Ms BRETEL Agnès Live performance advisor, regional and international cooperation at the Direction des affaires culturelles de Martinique
Ms BRINGTOWN Yolande aka Clémence Performer, member of a musical group
Mme BRUGEROLLES Emmanuelle In charge of the drawing collection at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris
Ms BUHAGIAR Christine Director Europe of Agence France Presse
Ms CARETTE Patricia President of the Fonds régional d'art contemporain Occitanie Montpellier
M. CAUDRON André Retired journalist, author
Ms CHAPIRON Mai Lan dite MAI LAN Author, composer, performer
Mrs CHAPRON Marie-Claire Head of the Strategy and Modernisation Department at the General Secretariat
M. CHAUVEAU Marc Art historian, priest, curator, teacher
M. CHEVALIER Michel dit Miguel Digital Artist
Mrs CHIAVASSA Isabelle née GOURON Curator in charge of heritage, in charge of collections at the French National Archives
Mr. COLDEFY Thomas Architect, teacher
Ms COMPAGNON Odile Architect, Professor of Architecture
Mr. CORMIER Didier Head of the Regional Creative Service at the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Île-de-France
M. COTENTIN Aurélien dit ORELSAN Author, composer, performer, actor, director, screenwriter
Ms COUSTOLS Catherine Founder of a publishing house 
Mr. CRANOLY Rolin Mayor of Gagny
Mr. CROIX Sébastien Head of the Office of the Audiovisual Legal Regime in the Media and Cultural Industries Directorate
Ms CROUY Corinne née REGNAULT Head of a milling workshop at the Paris Opera
Mrs DARBONNE Caroline née LANDE Culinary author, Communications Director of a company specialising in the cultivation of aromatic herbs
Mme DAUDEL Cyrille-Aimée dite CYRILLE AIMÉE Jazz performer
Mrs DAUPHIN Voltina née ROOMATAAROA Elected member of the Tahitian Academy, former head of the translation and interpreting service of French Polynesia
Mr. DE BATTISTA Fabrice Head of the Department of Financial and General Affairs at the Directorate-General for Media and Cultural Industries
Mrs DE BOYSSON Emmanuelle née MONNIER Writer, journalist, literary critic
Mme DE COURTOIS Stéphanie née JACQUIN DE MARGERIE Lecturer, research teacher at the École nationale supérieure d'architecture de Versailles
Mr. DE KEYZER David Actor, director, director, artistic director of a sign language arts festival
Ms DE LAMBERTERIE Olivia Journalist, literary critic, assistant editor of a fashion magazine, columnist
Mr. DE MALEVILLE Gérald Regional Delegate Aquitaine of the Heritage Foundation
M. DE SAINT MAURICE Thibaut Author, philosopher, founder and manager of a festival dedicated to podcasts
Mr. DELASSUS Romain Head of the Digital Department at the General Secretariat
Mr. DELBOSC Olivier Film producer
M. DÉSANGES Guillaume President of the Palais de Tokyo, curator, art critic
Mr. DESHAYES Thomas Head of Mission for Movable Heritage at the Department of Justice
Ms DEVILLERS Sonia Journalist, columnist, radio host
Ms DILUKA Shani Pianist
Ms DIWAN Audrey Screenwriter, director, writer
Ms DJITLI Leila Journalist, director 
Mr. DRATWICKI Benoît Artistic director of a music centre, musicologist
Mme DRONNIER Sonia dite LAZLO Viktor Performer, actress, author
Mme DUCOURNAU Julia Screenwriter, Director
Ms DUMEIGE Bénédicte Director of a study firm in artistic and cultural strategy
Mr DUMOUSSAUD Pierre Conductor
Mr. DURANTHON Francis Paléontologue, Chief Curator and Director of the Toulouse Museum, Director of Museums and Monuments of the City of Toulouse
Mrs ENGLER Marie-Claude dite Prune President of the Commission for Assistance to World Cinemas of the Centre National du Cinéma et de l'Image Animée
Mr. FAURE Yannick Head of Legal and International Affairs at the General Secretariat
Mr. FIÚZA FAUSTINO Didier dit FAUSTINO Architect, visual artist
Ms FLAMAND Brigitte née CORNU Inspector-General for Education, Sport and Research
Mrs FONTAINE Karole née BEZUT Director of the Territorial Archives of Martinique
Mrs FOREST Dominique Head curator of the modern and contemporary collections department at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs
Mrs FOYART Khristine Mayor of Brenouille, First Vice-President of the Community of Communes of the Countries of Oise and Halatte, Vice-President of the Departmental Council of Oise in charge of culture
M. GALLART Guilhem dit PONE Music producer, founder and member of a musical group
Mr. GARICHOT Alain Director, Trainer
Ms GARNIER Claire Production Director at the Centre national d'art et de culture Georges Pompidou
Mr. GAUCHER Erwann Deputy Director, Antennas and Editorial Strategy, Radio France
Mr. GAY Paul Lyric Artist
Mrs GEMIGNANI Florence Notary of the Directorate-General for Heritage and Architecture
M. GIRE Silvain Journalist, author, radio producer, co-founder and editor of Arte radio
Mrs GRAPPOTTE Annette née BILLARD dite Anne Honorary professor at the Conservatoire national de musique et de danse de Paris
Mr. GUILLAUME Cédric Deputy Head of the Office of Legal Affairs of the Directorate-General for Heritage and Architecture
Mr. GUILLEMIN Fernand Musical director of a band
Ms HABERMÉYER Anne née TRUER, Artistic director and theatre programmer, artistic director of festivals
Mr. HALEB Christophe Choreographer, video artist, artistic director of a dance company 
Mr. HAMI Rachid Actor, screenwriter, director
Mme HÉLARY Sylvaine Author, composer, performer, jazz flutist
Mr. HORAIST Bruno Ecclesiastique, president of a heritage association
Ms HUNOLD Catherine Lyric artist
Mr. HUVÉ Cyril Pianist, concertist, artistic director of a classical music festival 
Mr. ISAIA Franck Assistant Director of Museum Policy at the Service of Museums in France of the Directorate-General for Heritage and Architecture
Ms IZRINE Agnès Journalist, editor of a digital magazine dedicated to dance, former dancer
Ms JACQUIN DE MARGERIE Laure Director of a digital encyclopedia specialising in French sculpture
Ms JIMÉNEZ Dominique née OLLIVIER, aka OLLIVIER Director of a film distribution company, founder of a film festival in Mexico
Mrs JOLY Andrée Honorary Mayor of Sagonne, founder of cultural spaces
Mr. KESMAECKER Claude Director of the Air Music Band Orchestra
Mr. LABARDIN Michel Mayor of Gradignan
M. LABORDE Benoît Head of Art Works of the Pau Castle Estate
M. LACLAVETINE Jean-Marie Editor, writer 
Ms LALLEMENT Dominique President of a heritage restoration association
Mr. LAMBERT Emeric Architect, Lecturer, Chairman of the Pedagogical and Scientific Council of the Public Film School 
Mr. LANGLOIS Gilbert Director of the Tandem, Douai and Arras National Scene
Mrs LANOË Julia known as WARRIOR Rebeka Performer, musician, member of musical groups
M. LA POLICE Pierre Comic book author, visual artist
Mr. LARTIGAU Georges Concert organist
Mr. LASPALÈS Régis Comedian
Mr. LAUGHLIN Lewis says GABILOU Jean Author, composer, performer
Mr. LAURENT Philippe Maire de Sceaux, 2nd Vice-President of the Metropolis of Greater Paris, 2nd Vice-President of the Association of Mayors of France
Mr. LAVISO Christian Musician
M. LE CARPENTIER DE SAINTE-OPPORTUNE Henri dit DE SAINTE-OPPORTUNE President of a foundation for heritage restoration
M. LÊ QUANG Vincent Saxophoniste, composer, teacher at the Conservatoire national de musique et de danse de Paris
Mr. LEDOUX Nicolas Plasticien, glassmaker
Mr. LEGUÉRINEL Franck Lyric artist
M. LEVÊQUE Renaud dit DI MATTEO Reno Director of a performance production and artist management agency 
Mr. LEVEY Sylvain Comedian, playwright
Mr. LÉVY Pierre Antiquaire, gallery owner
Ms LOPASSO Marie-Aline née GALIANA Deputy Director-General for Services of the Métropole Toulon-Provence-Méditerranée
Mrs MAGNIEN Aline née LECLERCQ Curator in charge of heritage, director of the Research Laboratory of Historic Monuments
Mr. MALAUD Jean-Claude Libraire
M. MARQUET Martial Architect, designer
Ms MAUREL Delphine Director of an institution and Work Assistance Service 
Mr. MAURIAC Laurent Designer and editor of a daily newsletter, co-chair of a press union
M. MAYRAN Daniel Mécène, collector, president of a company promoting French know-how in Asia, founder of a training school dedicated to luxury professions
Mr. MEJSTELMAN Jean-Claude Pianist, composer 
M. MERCIER Theo Visual artist, director
Ms MERCIER Annie Actress
M. MERLIN Christian Music critic, musicologist, producer, host, radio columnist
Mrs MEUNIER Muriel née VALLÉ Secretary-General of a contemporary art centre
Ms MIAILHE Florence Director
Ms MINEUR Siham Member of an associative radio station, secretary of a regional radio assembly
Mr. MIRALLIÉ Denis Research teacher at the École nationale supérieure d'architecture de Versailles, landscape designer
Mr. MOATTI Alain Architect, set designer, member of the Academy of Architecture
Mr. MONTOURCY Jacques Director of the Alliance Française d'Harare 
Ms MOUGEL Magali Playwright, teacher
Mr. MOUGEL René Former Director of the Maritain Archives Centre in Kolbsheim 
Ms MOUGEL Dominique née HUG Former archivist of the National Library of the University of Strasbourg 
Ms MOUGIN Sophie President of a training association for writing series and an event agency 
Mme MOUTTALIB Céline née PRÉVOST, dite PRÉVOST-MOUTTALIB Deputy Director General of Universcience
Mr. MULLER Gilles Founder and Director of a public relations agency specializing in the textile, fashion and cultural industries 
Mrs MUSSARD Pascale née SIEGRIST Vice-President of a company foundation, Chairman of the Administrative Committee of a building registered as a historic monument, gallery owner
Mr. NABIL Youssef Photographer
Mr. NAHMIAS Abel Producer, Theatre Director
Ms NELSON Jessica Literary director of a publishing house, literary critic, co-founder and juror of a literary prize
Mr. NILLY Yves Author, playwright, screenwriter
Ms NIOCHE Julie Dancer, choreographer 
Mr. NOALLY Thibault Violinist
Ms NOCHER Danielle Founder and Managing Director of the editorial and publishing of a magazine dedicated to sustainable development 
Ms NOTTON Francine née APRAHAMIAN Executive Assistant and Artistic Manager at the Heritage and Cultural Real Estate Operator
Ms NOVEL Anne-Sophie Journalist, author, director
Mr. OLIVIÉ Jean-Luc Chief Curator in charge of glass collections at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs
Mrs ORENGA DE GAFFORY Laurence née BERTHON, aka BERTHON Owner and restorer of a castle, treasurer of a heritage conservation association
Ms PAULY Marie-France Cultural and Heritage Services Engineer at the Aude Departmental Architecture and Heritage Unit
Mr. PHILIPPE Sébastien Architect, writer
Mr. POIRAULT Emmanuel Director General of a foundation dedicated to heritage conservation 
Mr. PORTET Stéphane Director of a jazz club and a music label
Ms POSSÉMÉ Évelyne Chief Curator of Heritage at the Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Jewellery Department at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs
M. POTTE Mathieu dit POTTE-BONNEVILLE Director of the Culture and Creation Department at the Centre national d'art et culture Georges Pompidou, philosopher, radio columnist
Mrs POULENAT Dominique née HERPIN, aka HERPIN-POULENAT Mayor of Vétheuil
Ms PRIM Isabelle Director, actress, editor
Mme PUSCIAN Sophie Parvis Administrator, Tarbes-Pyrénées National Stage
Mme QUENTIN Michèle Delegate of an association dedicated to the preservation and knowledge of parks and gardens in the Centre-Val de Loire region
Ms RAVACHE Bérénice Deputy Director of France Bleu
Mrs RÉJON Chloé Actress
Mr. REY Xavier Director of the National Museum of Modern Art 
M. RIGOLET Serge dit SAFRAN Publisher, founder of a publishing house
Mr. RIO Jean-Luc Libraire
Mr. RIPPON Nestor says Max Author, poet
Ms ROBIN Carole Assistant Deputy Director, Financial and General Affairs, Creative Arts Branch
Ms ROCCHI Olivia née BARROY, known as BARROY-ROCCHI Head of the Office of Cultural Actions and Museums at the Ministry of Armed Forces
Ms ROCHE Marie-Françoise Head of Library, responsible for the archival description encoded at the Bibliothèque nationale de France
Mrs ROSE Brigitte Choirmaster, former director of a vocal practice device for children at the Lille Opera
Mrs ROSSI Sylvie née LEGRAND, known as LEGRAND-ROSSI General Curator of the Nissim Museum in Camondo 
Ms ROTENBERG née LAVIGNE Anne-Françoise, known as Anne Cofounder and artistic director of theatre and literature festivals, director 
Ms ROUILLARD Dominique Architecte, professor at the École nationale supérieure d'architecture Paris-Malaquais
Mrs RUDEL Michelle, Tilla dite Tilla Director of the Institut français de Timisoara
Mr. RUYSSEN Nicolas Director of Development, Strategy and External Communication at the Guimet Museum, former Head of Seasons and Cultural Years at the Institut français
Mr. SADOIS Gérard Co-founder and director of a music festival
Mr. SANTAKI Rachid Writer, journalist, screenwriter, spelling contest organizer
Mr. SAPIN Christian Archaeologist, Research Director Emeritus at the National Centre for Scientific Research, former Director of the Centre d'études médiévales d'Auxerre
Mrs SCHWEITZER Patricia née OZANNE Director of the Castle of Ancy-le-Franc
Mr. SÉBASTIEN Guillaume Galeriste, author
Ms SEGUINEAU-DURAND Malika Executive Director of a trade union representing companies in the music and variety sector
Ms SÉGURET Claire Head of the Internet and Social Networks Coordination Service at the Bibliothèque nationale de France
Ms SEIGNEUR Isabelle Cultural Cooperation Attaché at the Institut français du Liban, former Deputy Director of the Maison de la culture d'Amiens
Mrs SEROUART Isabelle dite SERRO Reporter, photographer, videographer
Mme SERRIÈRE VINCENT-PETIT Flavie née VINCENT-PETIT Heritage restorer, president of a manufacture specialized in the manufacture and restoration of stained glass
Mr. SERVAL Thomas Founder and CEO of a group of companies specialized in the digital sector, representing on the Supervisory Board of Arte France
Ms SIMPORÉ Bintou Journalist, radio host
M. SOLÈS ETCHART Benoît dit SOLÈS Comedian, playwright, president of the public interest group Maison Jean Cocteau, regional councillor of Île-de-France
Mrs SORIA Marie Head of a catering service
Mr. SOULÉ Jean-Luc President of a music festival, President of a corporate philanthropy strategy consultancy
Mr. SPIRE Géraud Chairman of the Board of the International Puppetry Institute
Ms STAHL Fabienne Heritage Conservation Attaché, responsible for the promotion and promotion of the collections of the departmental museum Maurice Denis
Mr. STOUPEL Vladimir Pianist, conductor, artistic co-director and founder of a festival, member of a musical duo
Mr. SURY Marc Conductor, Director of Fleet Crew Music
Mr. TARLÉ Gabriel Author, speaker, former inspector of national education
M. TASSART Philippe Organizer of shows and a music festival, producer of concerts in prison
Mme TCHANA VILLE Liliane dite JAH NJIKÉ Axelle Author, columnist, podcastrice
M. THÉOPHILE Rony Author, composer, performer, dancer, choreographer
Mr. THIEBAUT Samuel Director, producer, artistic director, founder of a music festival
Mr. THOA Emeric Video game creator, co-founder and creative director of a video game studio
Mr. TJIBAOU Emmanuel Former Director of the Kanak Cultural Development Agency 
Mrs TOUSSAINT Catherine née FRUCHON dite FRUCHON TOUSSAINT Journalist, responsible for a radio program dedicated to literature 
Mr. UFÉRAS Gérard Photographe
Mr. VADROT Olivier Designer
Mr. VAICLE Jean-Michel Musician, arranger, educational director of a municipal music school
Mrs VAN DEN HEEVER Elza Lyric artist
M. VINCENT Franck dit Francky Author, composer, performer, producer 
Mr. VINCLAIR Pierre Writer, poet, essayist, translator
Mrs WEINLING Vanessa née MARTIN Director of the George Sand Museum and the Black Valley, Director of the Cultural Service of the City of La Châtre
Ms ZARABI Homa Patron, artistic consultant
Mr. ZEBINA Steve Director of Cinema and Communication Programming at the Centre martiniquais d'action culturelle, national stage, coordinator of a festival
Mr. ZEITOUN Frédéric Parolier, music columnist
Mr. ZIMMERMAN Sébastien Head of Public Relations and Events at the Public Establishment of the Palace, Museum and National Estate of Versailles
Ms ZÜRCHER Gwénolée Co-founder and director of an art gallery


Article 4  

This order will be published in the Official Bulletin of Decorations, Medals and Awards.

Dated October 17, 2022


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Order of Arts and Letters Appointment – Summer 2022

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