Annual report on the activities of the Commission de récolement des dépôts d'art et des deposiants.

This activity report for 2021 is presented in a first chapter the activity of the commission in its role of steering the depositors of the cultural property of the State: coordination meetings, programming, writing of reports presenting, by groups of depositaries, the progress of the operations of proofing and their results. The second chapter shows the advance rate of the proofing, calculated from the figures sent to the CRDOA by the depositors in their proofing reports. The third chapter contains this data, detailing each depositor. The accurate analysis of the Engagement Report Proofs shows the effort of all depositors to provide the CRDOA with up-to-date numbers. The fourth chapter deals with inventories (since the creation of the Commission), unaddressed action, unreported complaints and outstanding collections. Finally, the fifth chapter presents the recommendations of the CRDOA in order to accelerate and improve the operations of proofing: mutualisation of missions between depositors in a territory or a place of deposit, thanks to its collaborative space hosted on the site of the Ministry of Culture; development of remote proofing…

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RCAFD Activity Report 2021

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