More than 10,000 works of art from the French State have been deposited in Germany, Austria, the Benelux and Switzerland, mainly in diplomatic posts, and thus under the responsibility of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, but also in some major museums.

Their proofing, almost completed, shows that more than half of these works could not be located. These are often old disappearances, due to the conflicts that ravaged this part of Europe in the twentieth century. The vast majority of these non-designated goods are extremely fragile pieces of Sèvres tableware. This is why only 15 works not located have been the subject of complaints. In addition, 7 collection documents (issued in the event of a manifest deficiency by the depositary, in this case diplomatic posts) were issued for a total amount of 29,000 euros, settled by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. Almost half of the sum concerned a Legrand decorative Decoeur vase deposited by the Manufacture de Sèvres in 1957 at the French Embassy in The Hague: the vase, broken, had been thrown.

Western Europe in figures:
  • 10989 goods deposited, 10 971 goods collected, or more than 99% of the total
  • 5,865 assets not located
  • 15 assets recovered after proofing
  • 15 complaints filed
  • 7 collections issued and settled by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs


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Report on Western Europe

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