681 works of art, out of 6913 deposited, remain sought after by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, Youth and Sports (MEN). However, these figures may change considerably, as the Manufacture de Sèvres has not yet completed the proofing of its 6,259 parts (90% of the total), because of its difficulty in distinguishing the goods affected, before 1959, to the MEN of those assigned to the Ministry of Culture.

The disappearances observed are often old, before 1950, which explains why only 110 of these non localized works were the subject of a complaint request. Among the works concerned are a drawing by Hans Hartung (Lignes dans l'espace, FNAC 30159) and two sculptures by Antoine Louis Barye, Taureau debout (OA 6366) and Ocelot with a heron (OA 6366). Faced with these disappearances, the MEN tries to monitor the art market. 

The Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, Youth and Sport in figures:
  • 6913 goods deposited including 6259 by the Manufacture de Sèvres
    100% of the goods deposited by the CNAP, the Mobilier national and the Louvre
    4.8% of the Sèvres Manufacture’s goods harvested
  • 681 goods not located
  • 8 properties found after proofing
  • 110 complaints requested


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Report on Ministries responsible for national education, higher education and youth and sport

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