Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, in hosting the plenary meeting of the Commission for the Proofing of Works of Art (CRDOA), paid tribute to the work done by this commission, chaired by Jacques Sallois for 9 years and who will pass the baton in January to Jean-Philippe Vachia, like him, Honorary Chamber President at the Court of Auditors.

Created in 1996 following the observations of the Court of Auditors on the inadequacies of inventories of collections in general and more particularly of repositories and their proofs, the report on its twenty years of activity published by the French Ministry and Documentation shows both the difficulties encountered and the progress made.

For the first time, the report gives a detailed, precise and quantified account of the progress made in carrying out the tasks of proofing art deposits carried out by depositors (national museums, Mobilier national, Centre national des arts plastiques and Manufacture de Sèvres for the most part) in a very large number of depositories (museums in France, large public institutions, administrations and multiple communities in France and abroad).