2003-06-27 - The second “intermittent crisis”

The second “intermittent crisis”
La deuxième « crise des intermittents » 27_06_2003

As in 1992, the spring 2003 negotiations on the renewal of the unemployment insurance agreement provoked a crisis in the living spectacle, increasingly dependent on the intermittent system, both on the employers' and employees' sides. The Memorandum of Understanding signed by the unions managing the Unedic, where the SYDEAC is not represented and where the CGT and FO are minority, must bring the unemployment insurance to financial balance. For the intermittent regime, it reduces the period of recognition of the rights of the employees of the show and the duration for which these rights are open, which causes a strong disruption of the festivals (the one in Avignon is cancelled) and then all the theatres in the fall. In spite of all the measures taken on 1 January 2004, the new system was accompanied by the creation, on 1 July 2004, of a “Provisional Specific Fund” financed by the State to compensate intermittent workers meeting the above conditions, which became a “transitional fund” in February 2005, then permanent in May 2006, under the name of «Fonds de professionnalisation et de solidarité des intermittents».