1981-01-21 - Gruss circus becomes national

Gruss circus becomes national
Le cirque Gruss devient national 21_01_1981

On January 21, 1981, the Cirque à l'Ancienne, founded in May 1974 at the initiative of actress Silvia Monfort and squire Alexis Gruss, was established as a “national circus”, an official name the following year and for which it received substantial government assistance. The label «Pôle national du cirque», created in 2010, then confirmed by the Decree no. 2017-432 of 28 March 2017 on labels and agreements in the fields of performing and visual arts and a Order of 5 May 2017 setting out the tasks and specifications of the national circus centres, was then awarded to 14 production sites and residencies of artists and companies using circus arts in their creations.