1966-04-21 - Landowski program for music

Landowski program for music
Programme Landowski pour la musique 21_04_1966

In a “Note on Music” to André Malraux’s Chief of Staff, Marcel Landowski, Inspector General of Music Education at the Ministry since December 1964, who has just taken over the Music Bureau, separated on March 28, 1966 from the theatre management (which nevertheless retains lyrical art and dance), outlines what will be its ten-year plan for the organization of music structures, formalized in 1969. It proposes “the progressive establishment of first-rate music centres at various points in the territory”, based on a reorganization of professional teaching and broadcasting structures within the framework of “musical regions”. Very inspired by the spirit of the Five-Year Plan and its regional planning policy, this programme is separate from the proposals of the Siohan Commission set up in December 1962 under the impetus of Emile Biasini (which link the politics of music to cultural animation and the Houses of Culture) than those of Pierre Boulez, more elitist and concentrating the means on the major Parisian institutions. When Malraux decided to follow Landowski’s recommendations and erected his office in service on 9 May 1966, controversy broke out and disappointment inspired Boulez’s famous «Why I say no to Malraux».