1966-03-31 - The Affair of The Nun by Jacques Rivette

The Affair of The Nun by Jacques Rivette
Video: L’affaire de La Religieuse de Jacques Rivette

Against the opinion of the Control Commission which authorized its distribution for the over 18 years, Yvon Bourges, Secretary of State for Information, banned in March 1966 the film of Jacques, Rivette Suzanne Simonin, Diderot’s NunIn response, Jean-Luc Godard published a letter in Le Nouvel Observateur denouncing censorship and calling Malraux “Minister of Culture”. André Malraux does not pronounce himself on the ban of the film but he does not oppose the fact that the film represents France in official selection at the Cannes Film Festival. The ban was annulled in 1967 by the Administrative Court of Paris, a decision confirmed by the Council of State sitting in the Assembly of Litigation (the most solemn formation) on January 24, 1975. Meanwhile, the new Minister of Information, Georges Gorse, authorizes it to those over 18. Decisions on visas are also transferred to the Minister of Culture by the Decree No. 69-720 of 10 July 1969. This case determined the change of name, role and composition of the Control Board established by theOrder No. 45-1464 of 3 July 1945 imposing a mandatory visa for the representation and export of films, that the Decree No. 90-174 of 23 February 1990 transforms into a commission for the classification of cinematographic works.