Dear Alain Seban, Dear Agnès Saal, Dear Friends, I am particularly pleased to be with you for the inauguration of this 13/16 Studio of the Centre Pompidou. This space is dedicated to young people, teenagers and audiences who have access to culture – film, music and drawing – but who do not always go to the places where culture takes place. This new place aims to bridge this gap: it gives pride of place to discovery, to interactivity. The conquest of new audiences is in my opinion a primary mission of all the teams of my Ministry and I am delighted that an institution of excellence like the Centre Georges Pompidou, pioneer in many fields, open to new trends, is strongly moving in this direction.

As part of Macadam, the first manifestation of this place that brings us here today, young people will no longer be only spectators but full actors. The «nomadic parking» of Florent Lamouroux will evolve to adapt to the course of each. It is not simply a response to the trends of the young culture, in the fashion of the ephemeral and the evanescent, it is also the translation of the modernity of the museums to which I pay particular attention at this time. They are innovative, stimulating and creative links.

This new space concentrates within it the expectations of a demanding public. Philippe Sollers said in The Challenge : The sickness of theadolescence is not to know what we wants and of the want however to everything price » ? I would therefore like to congratulate the promoters of this project, the management of the Centre Georges Pompidou, including Vincent Poussou, Director of the Department of Educational Action and Audiences and Patrice Chazottes, Head of the Young Audience Programming Department, to have been able to invent a new language, at the frontiers of new technologies and new modes of access to cultural goods. The digital age offers access to culture by a click or by sliding its index on a digital screen. The actions of public authorities and cultural institutions must now adapt to these new uses. It is the ambition of culture for everyone that guides my action rue de Valois. For we must bear in mind that there can be no cultural democratization without offering the conditions for appropriation of works by the public, the public in their diversity, and the population brought to become public. The “culture for everyone” is also the meeting between the “desire for culture” of young people and the cultural offer of our institutions, between society and institutions. By inviting young people to lift their prejudices, to enter a place of culture, while offering what society and the «digital generation» brings innovative, Studio 13/16 is fully in line with this cross-cultural approach.

I am certain that this original and stimulating place designed by Mathieu Lehanneur, a designer with internationally recognized talent, will allow the creativity of adolescents to develop in fields as diverse as the street art, the dance, fashion or design they particularly appreciate. I am sure that this new space, housed by one of the most open establishments on the city and on the new trends of society, will be able to shine. I know that he will use internet and social media resources, including Facebook, to create a community of faithful members. More than a place of meetings and exchanges around culture and new media, Studio 13/16 also wants to be a forum and a virtual community around creation.

How to give young people the desire to discover this project? How to make it better known? The presence with us today of Lilian Thuram is quite emblematic. Everyone knows his extraordinary career in France and in the biggest clubs in Europe, everyone knows his commitment to promoting the values of tolerance and “living together”, but also his ethical requirement. And I thank him warmly for his foundation’s support for this project, as well as for the support of all the partners and patrons who have come together.