Ladies and gentlemen,It is with great pleasure that I take part today in the inauguration of the rehabilitation site of the Maison de Radio France, nearly 66 years after the inauguration of the original building.

This Radio France building, which is part of its identity until it has become its symbol, was to be the subject of work to bring it up to safety standards, which we could not in any case reject.
To rehabilitate the Maison de Radio France is first to give this great national institution the means to continue its activity in its historic setting, but in a secure and widely renovated.
Because this rehabilitation is very ambitious. It intends to improve working conditions at Radio France by adapting the premises to the requirements of radio in the 21st century. The new layout of the spaces and technological innovation will be at the service of the radio professions, at the service of a quality public service, varied and demanding, thus at the service of each citizen listeners.
To rehabilitate the Maison de Radio France is also to give a new youth to this precious part of our architectural heritage, to a familiar construction of the Parisian look. The new Maison de Radio France, while remaining faithful to the original building signed Henry BERNARD, will be better inserted in the city, more open to listeners who go to programs recorded in public or to simple walkers, but also more respectful of the environment.
In addition, its cultural dimension will be considerably enhanced since the renovated building will now house an auditorium with nearly 1500 seats, to host the prestigious musical formations of Radio France and thus contribute even more fully to the musical life of Paris.
Throughout the implementation of the project, the State was present alongside Radio France. It is once again at the crucial time of the transition from design to implementation, and will continue to be so during the course of lengthy work. He made a large financial commitment to ensure that this major project is completed.
This beautiful project is now a reality. I salute the involvement of the Radio France teams and I have total confidence in them to lead, in the best possible way, to the renewal of this Maison de Radio France which is also our Maison à tous et à chacun.