Your Excellency, Mr Ambassador of Greece,Ladies and Gentlemen,Dear Friends,

At the Royal Palace, whether in its courtyards or in its garden, the
monumental sculpture is at home.

For several decades, Takis' works have been populating all the
places of contemporary art. In his long career, the artist will have
a world of spirals, balls and antennas, performance and
staging, from New York to Hannover, from Kassel to Saint-Paul-de-Paul
Vence, from the Hadrian Gate in Athens, to UNESCO Headquarters, from
theatre d'Epidaure in La Défense. This time it’s in the heart of Paris
around the basin of the Royal Palace, which his work captures
winds of history. Totems of the twenty-first century,
about Melina Mercouri; mobiles for a musical thought of the

For those who know its history, the Gardens of the Royal Palace
the tumult of the holidays, the harangues of the
who, hanging from the gates, announced to passers-by
new winds of history. Today it is the kinetic art of an Athenian
listening to the music of the spheres that takes place in the garden. Takis, with
its both terrestrial and aerial antennae that play with the random,
makes us see the invisible wind, the currents that cross our cosmos,
The prints from our memoirs.

An artist whose trajectory has long developed an intimate bond
with France: it was in Paris that Panayotis Vassilakis began to
measure with iron and metal rods in the workshop of Brancusi, to
exploring possible worlds with William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg.

From public orders in retrospect, Takis' work has always
received in France a special welcome. It is part of this Greek galaxy
great creators who have deeply marked cultural ties
close between France and Greece, alongside, for example, Yannis
Xenakis, or Constantin Costa-Gavras, for which Takis will have
magnetic music that accompanies the images of his dark Section
Special - co-written with the late Jorge Semprun, who comes from us

In view of the difficulties that Greece is currently experiencing, with regard to
Takis Eolian Signals, in this
exhibition under the enlightened gaze of Solange Auzias de Turenne,
refer us to the fundamentals of our cultural ties. They give me
a great opportunity to mark our solidarity and our deep friendship
in the name of our common European destiny.

Thank you.