Dear Mr.Mayor of the City of Boulogne-Billancourt,Mr.Deputy Mayor of Culture of the City of Paris,Elected Ladies and Gentlemen,Ladies and Gentlemen Presidents,Ladies and Gentlemen Directors,Dear Friends,

I am particularly pleased to be here with you on the occasion of
the signing of these agreements, which strengthen the 1st Public Institution
of cultural cooperation in higher education
live show. This official moment precedes a show that, I do not
will be living proof of the talent of young people that this
School prepares for the profession of musician or actor, and
success of the project you are carrying.
In my view, what we are experiencing here is both an outcome and the
beginning of a process.
We would not be present this evening without the meeting
Over the last few years, the will of the
are gathered around this project of higher institution. We do not
would not be there without the eminent talents of those who carried it, without the
ability of all to build together, forgetting the
territories, rivalries, historical gaps, misunderstandings.
In many respects, this establishment is exemplary: it was built in
the unique concern for the best interests of students and artists,
by implementing complementarities. Complementarity between the
world of culture and university, between music and theatre, between
large local authorities, gathered around the same objective, and
the state.
Since 2004, as you know, the Ministry of Culture and
is engaged in a vast project of structuring of
higher education of the performing arts, in order to give it a
European dimension and promote professionalisation at entry
in the professions of young artists.
In order to carry out this large-scale project, the State has chosen to
recognition and development of the initiatives of those who
already constituted and supported a high-level training offer,
without having been able to obtain recognition and validation of these courses.
This is the meaning of the current constitution of the «higher poles» created
in the form of public institutions for cultural cooperation, in the
as in the visual arts. This is also the meaning of
the important financial commitment of the State in this Education Pole
upper «Paris-Boulogne-Billancourt».
This institution has played a pioneering role in many ways. Pioneered by the
date of its creation in the form of a public cooperation institution
from 1 January 2010, bringing together the two Cities of Paris and
of Boulogne as well as the Grand Paris Seine West and the State. I greet you this evening
your combined involvement which I hope marks the beginning of a
process, which I hope it can find forms too
harmonious, also inventive, on the rest of the territory.
A pioneering role not to say a pilot or laboratory in the
construction of this higher education of the coming live show
complete in music the offer of the two national conservatories
of Paris and Lyon. This in large
thanks to the talent and commitment of its director, Xavier Delette, who
has been much sought after by the Ministry of Culture in the
creation of the national higher professional diploma of musician and in
the process of rapprochement with the university. Thanks to
also to the complicity that was formed with Alain Jacquon then Alain Louvier
in Boulogne-Billancourt, with Jean-Claude Cotillard for drama.
The choice of Marcel Bozonnet as president, fervent defender of
links to be forged in higher education between the
live performance by Wilfride Piollet and Anne Postel Vinay,
confirms this fundamental direction of your project. I know that you
plan to extend this higher education to the field of jazz and
current music, jazz dance, teaching, that your approach
opening to other aesthetics and other areas will not stop
No, and I’m glad.
It is thanks to all those whom you have been able to associate in the reflection and
in the action that this establishment is what it is today: the 1st
EPCC which brings together higher education in music and
theatre. Nothing surprising as your choice for this evening of a
work that unites these two disciplines, your students and your teams, under the
the tutelary figure of Ida Rubinstein and therefore of dance, to serve as a text of
Gabriele d'Annunzio, beautiful encounter of the arts and all forms
Finally, I would like to commend the exemplary partnership that has been built with
the Université Paris-Sorbonne Paris IV and the Université de la Sorbonne nouvelle
Paris III. The desire for rapprochement with the university was one of the
It is essential that young artists be able to
benefit from a link to university, so that artistic practice can be
diversity of approaches to knowledge. Related to my
Valérie Pécresse, I would like us to move forward in
this way, we are working a lot together, because this dialogue is
essential for international influence, development and
the attractiveness of higher education Culture.
Tonight’s tribute to Claude Debussy is a magnificent tribute
illustration of the approach taken by the Pôle supérieur Paris-Boulogne-Billancourt.
In this dialogue between artistic disciplines, in this capacity of
communities to work together and with the State, in this fruitful
collaboration with the university, in this symbiosis that
in the program you edited for this evening and in this
opening that animates you, I see emerging beautiful perspectives for
the future of young artists and for creation, and I am particularly
As I am also touched by your choice of this place, the Châtelet, - thank you,
Jean-Luc Choplin, to welcome us there - historic meeting place
between the arts, and the choice of the anniversary of a work too little known
of Debussy, the Martyrdom of San Sebastian. Debusssy who said not
like “specialists”, because “to specialize is to shrink
his universe».
Thank you.