Mr Minister, dear Philippe MESTRE,Mr Chancellor of the University of Paris, dear PatrickGÉRARD,Members of the Jury,Ladies and gentlemen,Dear friends,

The existence is rich in surprises and fortunately, from time to time, of
good surprises. One of those great surprises was for me to
receive the Roland-DORGELÈS Prize seven years ago, from the
Association of Writers Fighters, who are above all
activists, activists of the French language. They work with
passion for “defence and illustration of the French language”, for
take the title of the famous work of our great poet Joachim DU
BELLAY, whose memory we are celebrating this year through a
anniversary, the 450 years of his disappearance. But today is the
surprise, pleasure and honor are at their peak since I find myself
now, thanks to you and other eminent personalities of our
Republic, about to hand over the Prize myself
DORGELÈS radio/television and do it to two huge professionals
radio and television: Alain BÉDOUET and Laurent DELAHOUSSE.
In my opinion, the DORGELÈS Prize is a major distinction because it comes
in support of, so to speak, the Department’s action
of Culture and Communication, and through it the government of the
Republic, in favor of the French language. And it does so in the way the
more skillful and relevant. On the one hand, by rewarding and
thus encouraging lovers of our language. On the other hand, in
highlighting the essential character of good use especially in
audiovisual media. Because, as we all know, these are
reference and influence for many of our fellow citizens, to a
which, in many ways, resembles what might have been called the
“performing society”. Specifically, maintaining and promoting the
quality of the French language is a form of healthy resistance to drift
which are always possible in this type of society and which require our
constant vigilance.
Technology must not be an alibi for letting down our guard:
whatever the medium, the French language must remain our sharing
not only our heritage, but also what allows us to
to form a body together, to exchange, to dialogue and finally she is one
the great crucibles of our national identity.
For the younger generations – and I am pleased to welcome a class of
reading of the Roland DORGELÈS College in the 18th arrondissement of Paris –
it is the Internet that is increasingly taking advantage. And perhaps the jury of the
Will DORGELÈS Prize have at heart to create some day a new prize
on the proper use of French on the Web. I think that would be the 10th
Prizes that you would give and a nice incentive to talk well and good
But in the meantime, I turn to this year’s two laureates, a
excellent vintage I must say!
Dear Alain BEDOUET,
“Exhaustion, O my soul, the field of the possible”: this magnificent
exclamation of PINDARE, taken up by NIETZSCHE and Paul VALERY,
that you have chosen to place at the threshold of your “Blog” – or, to follow
the terminology commission, your “Notepad” on the Internet –
alone testifies to your ambition as a radio man. In fact, you
are committed to exploring all possible topics and engaging everyone
and all audiences, in your famous
«Telephone rings», on FRANCE INTER.
It’s the title of this show that I’ve always found
particularly happy. Because it is both a phrase of life
daily and at the same time, with the use of the present of truth
as the grammarians say, a way of showing that
you are always listening, always on the lookout for calls, questions,
questions from listeners. In a sense, the radio station itself
listen to its listeners, it reverses the meaning of the exchange and thus creates a
living dialogue including your voice, your weighting, your listening quality –
are, for each of us, the emblems. Of course, we
could now say, with mobile phones, The phone
vibre”, and that would also make the emotion that emanates from this
dialogue that accompanies us every evening, wherever we are. This title,
charged with all the emotion of a call of which we do not yet know
content, allows you an extraordinary variety of subjects, to measure
your legendary curiosity, dear Alain BÉDOUET, and your openness
of spirit! You thus sift through all the news, putting in
direct contact with listeners and stakeholders in all
domains, all the people who matter, all those who are
"responsible" means capable of responding not only to the
but also to legitimate questions and criticisms of
listeners, in that kind of radio democracy that you
play beautifully. Many themes have recently attracted my
attention, and you understand why: Should we tax the engines of
search like Google?”, “Are the media credible?”…
Every day the phone rings to question the «world as it goes»
and try to grasp its great mutations.
Your warm, generous and welcoming voice that everyone has in
the ear, always shows the respect of the public and the
the language which is in itself, the bearer of humanism and freedom.
That’s why, because you are an example for the service
Alain BEDOUET, to give you the
2010 Roland Dorgelès Award, in the Radio category.
I now turn to the winner of the television category.
Dear Laurent DELAHOUSSE,
You know that STENDHAL read two or three pages of
Civil Code to put yourself at school and in tune with the most concise style and
most effective, most capable of giving a sensitive form to
his passions. I have no doubt that you have, in a sense, followed his
lessons, you who have a solid legal education and know
perfectly combine conciseness and precision with the warmth of
citizen engagement. These are the two requirements that you are able to
keep together with natural and as effortless, with ease
which have enabled you to conquer the place of
host of a television news programme followed with great fidelity and
many satisfaction by millions of viewers.
Your journey, which led you from RTL to LCI, then to FRANCE 2 –
notably in Un jour, un destin, in the 20H weekend, as
that in many interviews with leading personalities:
this masterful journey has always been guided by public concern. You
have been able to evolve the Journal to open it up even more
society and make it what you call beautifully a laboratory for
information”. Your popularity with viewers has become
as you are, according to the results of a recent survey
of the five favourite journalists of the French: a popularity that
must envy you many political leaders, and who rest
on a bond of trust that you have built over the years, in
particular thanks to your concern for language, a clear and
distinct,” as DESCARTES said, a language without primer that
right touch.
Like Alain BEDOUET, but with your style and personality
to you, made of elegance and restraint, you have this respect of the good
use, which is both respect for the public and self-respect,
an aesthetics of good speech and an ethics of reliable information. This
is of course all the more important as the news represents – a
little like the morning prayer that according to HEGEL the reading of the
newspaper – a daily ritual that spans the life of every Frenchman,
of which you are, so to speak, invited in all esteem and in
all friendship. And you are a guest of excellent company,
because you were able to find this difficult balance between inventiveness of
new formulas and respect for traditions, by a language of our
time that also knows how to remember the best uses, which are the
foundations and, as they used to say, his own genius.
These are all qualities of exemplary ambassador of the language
to our fellow citizens who are being rewarded by this award
Roland-Dorgelès 2010, which I am very pleased to present to you
today in the “Television” category.