Dear Minister, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ukraine will soon be 20 years old. A very young nation for a heritage
that Ukraine is in the process of reclaiming itself. Land of
Scandinavian conquests of the year 1000, land of the Cossacks, rich of its soil,
land of suffering also through a traumatic 20th century, the
Stalinist famines and from the Nazi invasion to the
Chernobyl, on which Franco-Israeli director Michale Boganim
made his film The Outraged Earth.

For sure, a big movie country.

It was Serguei Loznitsa who reminded us here in Cannes, the year
while his stunning and striking film, My Joy, was
presented in official competition. It is a film that, by its radicality and
is fully in line with the European cinema tradition
Distributed in France by Laurent Pétin and Michèle Halberstadt, it
enjoys great critical recognition, as well as among film lovers

This film has certainly aroused a strong desire for co-production between our two

So that as you develop a whole new center of
Katerina Kopylova, whom I greet, I have
was pleased that you asked France for your first
film co-production. The talent of your authors interests
professionals. And I know that the National Film Centre and
of the animated image will stand at your side to develop both the
Ukrainian creation, but also the development of your own
film support system.

I see that Serge Avédikian is here with us. I have learned that
respected Ukrainian producer, Mrs Olena Fetisova, developed
a film project with him. I greet him and wish him much happiness
project, which I hope will be a co-production

Thank you.