Presidents, dear Jean-Luc Hess, dear Mathieu Gallet,Ladies and gentlemen,

Objectives and means are words that belong as much to the
the art of war rather than good government. We
oscillates between Clausewitz and Machiavelli, between Sun Zu and Pierre de l'Etoile.
Ars belli, ars governandi! I will only play the role of Minister of
Culture and Communication and leverage this signature to
outline our policy on public broadcasting.
We have come together today to sign the
two contracts of objectives and means (COM) decisive for the sector
Radio France and the Institut national de
the audiovisual sector, both of which will cover the period 2010-2014.
The signing of such contracts is not unheard of since we
to sign the second COM of Radio France and the third for
the INA. The INA played the role of precursor, since the first
COM of the Institute was signed on 27 April 2000 exactly, even before
the law of 1 August 2000 providing for the conclusion of such contracts between the
and the State. This first COM marked the
a refocusing of the activity of the INA around its fundamental missions
archives. Several ambitious projects
were then launched in the front row of which were the
backup and digitization and search for better accessibility
archives, which continue to this day.
I want to emphasize how, since the early 2000s,
the development of these contractual documents, represents progress
It provides a multi-year visibility of the Bank’s
the organization, its management, and its funding, to the benefit of both
the agency and the state.
These contracts are the result of a great deal of cooperation, and I want to
welcome the quality of the dialogue between the administrations concerned and
Radio France on the one hand, and the INA on the other. The projects developed
then, in accordance with the law, was forwarded to the commissions
Parliament, which could formulate an opinion, and to the Council
I would like to point out that a number of
recommendations of the Committee on Culture, Education and
Senate communication has been followed. Since then, the advice
of the two organizations have approved these COMs, which
we can only rejoice.
Let us now turn to the substance. The two COMs we are preparing to
are the reflection of ambitious strategies in the digital age. I
leave to the presidents of Radio France and the INA the honor of the
I would like to stress the essential aspects.
1. For Radio France, the first French radio group, the COM
2010-2014 reflects the strategy implemented in the
Today’s media and technology strategy provides the
priority to high-quality content, service’s primary mission
France Inter, France Info,
France Culture, France Musique, France Bleu, Le Mouv' and FIP.
This content must be available everywhere and on all media. In
first of all: it is the meaning of the development of the
local network France Bleu, for which the Government has just used
its right of pre-emption of a frequency in Toulouse, which will
develop this local public service in Midi-Pyrénées, the most
of France, of which he was for the moment absent. It is also
why the COM expects Radio France to participate in the deployment of
digital terrestrial radio within the framework that will be set by the authorities
The Prime Minister has given Mr.
David KESSLER. But this content must also be broadcast on
all digital media, which enable citizens to
access anywhere and anytime, and therefore implement
the ambition of the “culture for everyone” that holds me, as you do
especially to heart. The delayed listening which is a great
success for Radio France and the citizen sharing of information that
allows the internet network are at the heart of this ambition that
reach audiences in their diversity, expectations and requirements
of this policy, we can only
France Inter recorded the highest number of
downloads of catch-up radio in June, with
4.3 million downloads, in front of its private colleagues. Audelà
of its good results, I have the deep conviction that the media
and in particular the public service embodied by Radio France and
by the INA, due to their exceptional broadcasting capacity, constitute
in most homes the first means of access to culture and
knowledge. Radio France and the INA are par excellence the vectors
a culture that combines popularity and quality, difference and demand.
The COM we are signing today must contribute even more
The European Parliament is strongly committed to promoting this ambition.
Bringing together a broad and representative audience of French diversity around
a rich offer of culture, debate and creation is a key objective
of the Radio France contract. This objective also applies to
of Radio France, which will have the
an auditorium on the grounds of the Maison de la
To meet this ambition, all human resources and
Radio France techniques will be mobilized. The rehabilitation of the
Maison de Radio France is also fully part of the project: a
part of the public resource will be specifically dedicated to it, with a
The European Commission will be responsible for the implementation of the Community’s Structural Funds.
The State assumes its responsibility as funder, giving the means to
Radio France to complete this major project, without reducing the means
dedicated to its missions. I am convinced that the quality of the
programming is inseparable from a production and creation tool
high technical and artistic requirements.
2. With regard to the INA, earlier I spoke briefly about the orientations
of the organization: since its creation, and strengthened since its
first COM, the INA is indeed dedicated to audiovisual memory. I
the State’s attachment to this body and its
missions has never failed. In the image society, there is no future without
past, there is no creation without memory: facing the cult of immediacy
and the hypertrophy of the present, the missions of the public audiovisual
is precisely to give depth and recoil for better
to understand the challenges of the contemporary world.
Thus, in line with its fundamental tasks, the third COM of
the INA emphasizes on the continuation of the plan of safeguard and
digitization of archives, on the development of legal deposit and on
major teaching and research projects: this
activity, provided for in the Institute’s mission and specifications,
developed in recent years, notably through empowerment,
since 2007, to provide teaching and teaching diplomas
In the international competition for the "society of the
knowledge», this mission of the INA in the field of expertise and
of image education is very fundamental.
The development and sharing of the Institute’s audiovisual wealth,
both through the training it provides and through the on-line provision of archives
for the general public, are therefore at the heart of this contract, and have
was increased at the invitation of Parliament.
The support provided by the State for these ambitions is evident
the development of its commercial revenues but also at
With ambitious objectives in mind, the Institute will have the means to
continue to be a key player in the digital age.
In conclusion, these COMs offer Radio France, the INA and the State a
strategic outlook until 2014. This is guaranteed by
key to the necessary independence of our major
public broadcasters. I am particularly pleased with their
signature that reflects an ambition, a project but also a vision
for two major public audiovisual operators.
Thank you.