Mr Minister, Mr Hubert Falco, Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of Parliament,Mr Reeve, Mr Paul Mourier,Mr Regional Director of Cultural Affairs, Mr Denis Louche,whose recent appointment I welcome,Directors, dear Charles and Philippe Berling,

The opening of an art and culture establishment is always a
a defining moment in a city’s history – especially when it comes to
a place and a form of artistic expression which, from its origins,
plays such an important role in the constitution of the public space: the theatre.
To give such a place the name of «Liberty», is also to recall this
essential dimension of speaking, gathering and
sharing that must be embodied in it. I am therefore very pleased to be here with you
Today: Toulon has a new space at the height of its
ambitions, for its agglomeration and for the whole region.

I would like to welcome Hubert Falco’s political will to provide the
City of Toulon of a public theatre. Dear Hubert Falco, you took the
decision to reconvert the old Pathé Liberté cinemas, for the
project, which we can now fully admire the very
architectural, aesthetic and functional success. There was no
of public theatre in Toulon intra muros; this deficiency you have remedied,
with a sense of general interest. The Freedom Theatre, with its three
will offer the entire population a major project.

I wanted to best accompany Hubert Falco in this project, no
only in financial terms for the renovation and operation of the
It is not only the theatre itself, but also to give the establishment a national status.
I wanted it to become a “national stage”, in a
reconciliation with the National Creation and Dissemination Centre
Châteauvallon, to implement cultural
complementarities and common actions that will strengthen the offer
and the effectiveness of their activities,
under a new structure, for the greater benefit of

This innovative project, based on two strong poles of the agglomeration
will integrate in the two years the network of national stages,
which will allow it to increase its reach and develop its
partnerships with all stakeholders in the national territory. Both
institutions have begun a work of reflection for a
sharing of their operational resources and the coordination of
their artistic and cultural projects, led by Mr. Le Préfet Mourier.

It is a sharing of resources that will ensure optimal complementarity
between the two institutions, while respecting their artistic projects,
with a strong «dance» pole in Châteauvallon, whose
President, Admiral Delaunay, and Director, Christian Tamet, for
commitment that has been theirs for several years; indeed, they have
helped to make Châteauvallon a place of reference in our country,
in a site of extraordinary beauty. The «theatre» pole of this
The future national stage will be the Théâtre Liberté.

Of course, I would like to commend the remarkable artistic project carried out by
Charles and Philippe Berling, who chose the Mediterranean as
programming. The program they envisioned for
the coming season is marked by a very strong artistic ambition, which
place to creations, to the variety of genres and aesthetic forms, where
the theatre, the music, the humour too, have their place. The
projection, perfectly equipped, will also serve as an auditorium for
meetings and debates.

It is therefore a new page in the cultural policy of
the Toulon agglomeration that is written today. With the theatre Liberté
and Châteauvallon, alongside the Toulon opera, the public network of
live performance will take on a major dimension, to become
a reference point in our country. To this large-scale project that
is being born and to which I will be particularly attentive in the
I want to wish you all the best in the months ahead.

Thank you.