Mr President of Greater Lyon, dear Gérard Collomb,Mr President of the Regional Council, dear Jean-Jack Queyranne,Mr Prefect, dear Jean-Francois Carenco,Mr Vice President of the Biennales, dear Francois Bordry,Mr Artistic Director of the Biennale, Dear Thierry Raspail,Commissioner, Dear Victoria Noorthoorn,Ladies and Gentlemen,Dear Friends,

The Lyon Biennale is an event deeply embedded in the
national and international landscape of contemporary art. The organizers,
invited artists, selected works and public interest have made it
proof for more than twenty years.

The scale of these events plays a key role in
the education of the gaze. The Biennale of Lyon has made the choice of the prospective
more than ecumenism, and that is what makes it all possible. The
creativity, the unique aesthetic experience: this is what
sums up the beautiful title “A terrible beauty is born.”

The Biennale de Lyon is also a very good example of cooperation
between the action of the State and the local authorities that host it
and support it. I can only rejoice at such appointments, of the
their place in the dynamics of our society. Likewise,
that the Biennale de Design of Saint-Etienne, the Biennale de Lyon testifies
in the Rhône-Alpes region of the reality of the decentralization
Ministry of Culture is deeply attached. In Lyon, you
committed, dear Gérard Collomb, in a very ambitious approach to
contemporary art, whether it is the redevelopment of the banks of the Saône
of the Park of Miribel-Jonage or the
public orders for the United States district: so many projects
My department is closely associated with.
In addition to the public partners of the Biennale, there are also many
private partners who today give such a company the
necessary means of its action. May they all be thanked here. It
is now clear in the minds of all that it is the intelligent and
effective of all public authorities - state, region, department,
city - and private partners who ensure the realization of such an event
and its recognition of audiences from all walks of life.

The Lyon Biennale is also an event that radiates, with the
deployment of «Veduta» platforms, where you can see the
cultural democratization at work in the urban community of Lyon
- and you know my attachment to this dimension of our action
and «Resonance» with the Institute of Contemporary Art of
Villeurbanne and throughout the Rhône-Alpes region.

Two platforms that increase its dissemination and visibility with the
public. This is an opportunity to strengthen the existing links between the
Biennial and networks of professionals of creation, dissemination,
research and training in the field of contemporary art
in Rhône-Alpes.

This year, the eleventh edition continues the reflection on the theme of the
invited commissioner, Victoria Noorthoorn, following
Hou Hanrou in 2009, developed through a statement and a
approach that reflects a permanent state of alert and reflects a spirit
unexpected. Free from fluctuations in taste and strategies alone
and sectarianism, we touch on the way in which
the aesthetic experience changes the rules of the game of knowledge, of
imagination, perception and memory – those of the artist, those of
the spectator, in their relationship to the world, in their relationship to the other,
which had been the theme of one of the previous biennials led by the
Szeeman. New perspectives on a world in which
movement: this is also the meaning of the participation of three galleries
at the third edition of Docks Art Fair on the esplanade of the

In the international landscape abounding biennials where sometimes reign
The Biennale d'art contemporain de Lyon
is above all a biennial author. By staging a look
unique, it fully assumes a strong pedagogical dimension, to
especially for young creators – I am thinking in particular of
students from four higher arts institutions
plastics from Rhône-Alpes: Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Grenoble-Valence and
Annecy. Combining the requirement to showcase the most
of contemporary creation, while giving priority to the
mediation of works and their understanding by the general public
an ambition fully shared, and long-standing, by my department
and local authorities. Experience doubt, uncertainty and
contradiction, enthusiasm too, this must be shared by
the widest possible audience: this is the strength of an exhibition
of this calibre, which is being used throughout the city of
across multiple sites.

Michel de Certeau, in a famous passage of L'invention du quotidien,
described pedestrian traffic flows seen from the top of the Twin
Towers of New York, and the limits of their rationalization: what
will always escape this vision from above, from all the wills of
control and to all the fictions of the overhang, it is precisely the meaning that
each one gives to his own path. Between the Sucrière, the Art Museum
the Bullukian Foundation, the T.A.S.E.factory, everyone will be able to
to draw up its own cartography, to share paths that are always unique,
also find «the worrying familiarity of the city», this space that
is invented at every step. Contemporary creation lends itself fully to
this unique social and civic experience, and it’s the
exceptional events such as the Biennale de Lyon to make it

Thank you.